7th grade English sports lecture

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We will learn that all sports match any word in English, with the subject of sports, which is the subject of 7th grade English lessons.

7.Classroom English Sports Lecture

Let’s learn the words first.

Basketball: Basketball

Archery: Archery

Baseball: Baseball

Badminton: Badminton

Rugby: Rugby

Marathon: Marathon

Pilates: Pilates

Football / Soccer: Football

Yoga: Yoga

Cycling: Cycling

Jogging: Light jogging

Swimming: Swimming

Tennis: Tennis

Camping: Camping

Skiing: Skiing

Boxing: Boxing

Ice-skating: Ice-skating

rollerblading: rollerblading

Handball: Handball

Golf: Golf

Skateboarding: Skateboarding


Parkour: Parkour

Wrestling: Wrestling

Hiking / Tracking: Hiking

Snowboarding: Snowboarding

Karate: Karate

Surfing: Surfing

Ice Hockey: Ice Hockey

Taekwondo: Taekwondo

Cricket: Cricket


Jim: Jim

Pitch: Soccer field

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Basketball Court: Basketball Court

Volleyball Court: Volleyball Court

Tennis Court: Tennis Court

Baseball Field: Baseball Field

Pool: Pool

Ring: Ring

Track: Ski track

Golf Course: Golf Course

Rink: Skating rink

Skateboard Park: Skateboard Park

Bowling Alley: Bowling Alley

Judo Mat: Judo Mat


Tell me

Football ball

Basketball Ball: Basketball ball

Volleyball Ball: Volleyball Ball

Tennis Ball: Tennis Ball

Soccer shoes: Soccer shoes

Uniform: Jersey

Swimming suit: Swimwear

Noise: Noise

Gloves: Gloves

Shuttlecock: Badminton ball

Backpack: Backpack

arrow: arrow

Bow: Bow

Helmet: Helmet

Karate Suits: Karate Suits

Net: File

Words related to sports

Ambitious: willing

Clap / clap: clap

Beat: Beat

Belt: girdle

Champion: Champion

Drawing / Equation: Drawing

Gold Medal: Gold Medal

Hurdle Running Race: Hurdle Running Race

Journalist: Journalist

Muscular arms: arm muscles


Instructor: Sneakers

To hit: to hit

Zero: Zero

Prize / Award: Prize

Race: Race

Goal Cap: Goalkeeper

Cup: Cup

Score: Score

Goggles: Swimming goggles

Celebration: Celebration

Lost: Lost

Achievement: Success

Injury: To hurt

Train: For training

Success: Success

Go on a diet

Medal: Medal

Visitors: Visitors

Player: Player

Points: Points

Goal: Goal

Referee: Referee

Athlete: Athlete

win: জয়

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In some sports some verbs are used. These verbs are: Do (to do), Play (to play) and Go (to go). Used in sports such as yoga, karate, archery verbs. The verbs go include camping, swimming, and skating. Golf, baseball, table tennis are used along with verbs.

Simple present tense- positive

When a broad period of positive sentences is established; Verbs with I, you, we, subjects are used in their first form without any suffix. The verbs in he, she and it essences consist of the suffix “s”.

I play football every weekend.

Melik reads books every night.

They drink milk twice a day.

He watches TV on Mondays.

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Simple present tense- negative

When an extended negative sentence is formed; When using I, you, we, they, after the subject don, the first form of the verb is followed. When using he, she, and it subject, the subject does not follow the first form of the verb.

I don’t play guitar on Saturdays.

He does not wash dishes.

They do not eat sausage.

He does not swim on Sundays.

Simple present tense – Ouestion

To use I, you, we, they, Do comes at the beginning of the first sentence of the subject, after the subject comes the first form of the verb. If there is a subject he, she, it has to be used, comes at the beginning of the sentence, then subject and then the first form of the verb.

Do they cook cakes?

Yes, they do, they don’t.

Does he clean the house?

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Yes, he does, he doesn’t.

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