‘Albatross GYM Sports Complex’ has started its activities

The Albatross GYM Sports Complex, which had suspended its activities within the framework of measures against the spread of the virus during the coronavirus epidemic, was reopened as soon as the normalization process began.

One of the leading gyms in our city in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Albatross GYM Sports Complex Business owner Corey Osman gave information about the “new post-epidemic rules that sports fans should pay attention to in the halls.”

Here sports fans should pay attention to the new normal

Sports and fitness centers have started offering services from June 1 However, it will not be possible to practice in the halls like in the past under the new normal rules. The Ministry of Health has announced the rules that gyms will follow, but sports fans also have great responsibilities. One of them is to observe the rules of the hall you are a member of. NevsehirCorey Osmen, owner of the Albatross GYM Sports Complex, the largest sports and fitness center in Turkey, explained the personal precautions taken in the halls. Here are some things to consider for safe exercise …

In the new normal rule after Covid-19; Both gym, coach and sports fans need to follow a number of rules to maintain their health and exercise more safely. In addition to the mandatory rules announced by the Ministry of Health, it is possible to make life easier through extra personal arrangements taken as conscious and responsible sports fans. The two most important things for salons are social distance and disinfection.

– First of all we should pay attention to personal hygiene. Everyone should be held responsible for their own cleanliness. We need to wash our hands with plenty of soap and water before and after exercise. We can use disinfectant during exercise. We also have to refrain from putting our hands in our mouths.

– As experts say, it is not right to use disinfectants too often. However, it is useful to use it when changing tools. Since athletes breathe quickly and deeply, care should be taken not to inhale antiseptic.

– In this process, we register our members according to the appointment system so that there is no concentration of members playing in the halls at the same time and thus, we prevent the concentration that may happen.

– To prevent the risk of sweat droplets accumulating, especially on the surfaces of exercise equipment, we must ensure that the equipment we use is disinfected before starting the exercise.

– Of course, we will focus on using masks again. Masks must be used when entering and leaving the salon. During intensive training, we can remove our masks, provided that we follow social distances and comply with the recommendations made by our ministry. After all, the things we need most when we play are plenty of oxygen.

– We should pay special attention to the items that come in contact with the face while exercising. For this reason, it would be useful to use our own towel or mat. For the same reason, our water canteen should be taken with us.

– All our clothes and shoes should be used exclusively for sports during exercise, it is useful to keep them in a separate bag at the end of the exercise and wash them after each workout.

– According to the decision of our ministry, bathing in halls is prohibited for the time being. Therefore, after our workout, it is better to go home and take a bath without wasting too much time in the hall.

– In addition, as our immune system is strong, our body’s defenses against bacteria, germs and viruses will be much higher. Keeping our immune system strong through healthy eating and regular exercise. In this process, it is important to follow the rules mentioned above and play sports carefully.

– As Albatros GYM Sports Complex, we will continue to do our best for you, our valued members, to play in the cleanest, spacious, healthiest environment by regularly cleaning our halls at certain times of the day.

– Address: In front of the new complex, Yunus Emre Imam Hatip Secondary School, from Nevehir / Center

– Phone: 0539 489 09 00 – 0384 502 01 50

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