Chaos is going to destroy the health system! Ganajote’s strong reaction: Dirty provocative game is going on

An organized provocative attempt to dismantle the health system, one of the strongest areas in Turkey, has attracted attention. It is trying to destroy the services of the hospitals through chaotic planning. “A less provocative game is being played,” said Erkan Akaye, deputy chairman of MHP Group. Akai says the TTBO has become a hotbed of terrorism, “it should be stopped.” Used phrases. “Everyone should know that there is an understanding that allows people to live so that the life of the state will not allow such an eventuality,” said Hasan Turan, deputy of the AK Party in Istanbul. Says

“They’re excited.”

Erkan Akaye, deputy chairman of the MHP group, harshly criticized the hospital’s chaotic plans, saying “they are provoking. Turkey’s healthcare system and infrastructure are at the forefront of the world. No, they are trying to sabotage it. ” Says

“Operated from the same center”

Akaye stressed that the chaos plan is run from a single center, “They are inciting society against health workers and against health workers, against citizens waiting for services. They are operating from the same place. They are angry with fake accounts. Social media. They are the size of provocations.” Increases. ” Used phrases.

“A less provocative game has been played”

Akka continued his words as follows:

A low-key provocation game is going on. No one should participate in this campaign, no one should fall into this game.

“Medical Union has become a house of terror”

Akaye said that the names of those who support terrorist organizations are lodged in TTB Akkay says:

The Turkish Medical Association, chaired by Şebnem Korur Fincancı, acts as a branch of Kandil and works closely with PKK and HDP. They serve the enemies of Turkey, the terrorist organizations and their political expansion with the help of their masks which they call “medicine, doctors, physicians”.

TTB President Sebnem Korun Finkansi:
– He was tried for campaigning for a PKK terrorist organization.
– He wanted the state to be brought to justice for its campaign against the PKK terrorist organization.
– He is one of the founders of the Freedom for Ocalan Platform for Peace.

“The most important step in ending the war is the release of Abdullah Okalan,” he told PKK media organ Yeni Ozgur Politik. He served as “Editor-in-Chief of Duty” in a campaign to support the PKK’s closed Ozgur Gundem newspaper.

He blamed Turkey for the so-called Armenian genocide. It openly supported and was involved in the conspiracy of the Feto terrorist organization against the Turkish armed forces. “As there is no record of FETO’s role in the coup attempt, Fetö has taken care of the terrorist organization.

CHP + HDP + IP deputies held a joint press conference in Parliament on January 13, 2022, with Fincancı, head of the Turkish Medical Association, who was promoting separatist terrorist organizations and Turkey’s enemies under the guise of doctors.

Not only the head of the TTB, Şebnem Fincancı, but also a significant part of the central administration of the TTB is a supporter of terrorism and an enemy of Turkey. Ali Ihsan Okten, who criticized the state of emergency law and said that the statutory decree to expel terrorists, a threat to national security, became the vice president of the TTB.

Vedat Bulut, who took care of the expelled traitors by decree, became the secretary general of TTB. Onur Nuri Hansi, who demanded the removal of DHKP-C members, and Halis Yarlikaya, who opposed the campaign against the terrorist organization, became members of the TTB Central Council.

The management of the Turkish Medical Association, chaired by PKK supporter Şebnem Korur Fincancı, is not a representative of our physicians whose hearts are pounding with love for the country and the nation. The 23 medical chambers and associations have announced that the TTB administration, chaired by Fincancı, does not represent them.

The Turkish Medical Association, a sub-contractor of Turkey’s enemies, which has become a breeding ground for PKK terrorist organization propaganda and treachery, should be shut down as soon as possible.

“This is an attempt to make the party look bad.”

AK Party Istanbul Deputy Hassan Turan described the process as follows:

Images of violence that have occurred in our hospitals in recent days have been foaming up conversations between doctors and patients, especially on social media, suggesting that events may have been planned and directed from some quarters.

As we move towards the 2023 elections, we see that the AK Party is intensifying its efforts to disrespect, disregard, or misrepresent all the work and services of the government. We do not miss the provocations of the medical union, which has the Turkish word at the beginning, but in every statement aimed at bringing back revolutionary services in the field of health and preventing it in the interest of the nation and our country. From meeting with citizens. Interference with health care and the right to life is unacceptable, which is the most natural human right.

Fato and invalid structures

Turan said, “Especially in this area, which is suitable for use and provocation, the words, behavior and subsequent events of our citizens who are looking for a cure for their patients have expressed this bad provocation.” He continued:

It is clear that these accounts, which have gained traction on social media and gained thousands of views in a short period of time, are controlled by PKK members, FETO members and illegal structures from abroad. Violence should never happen, not in a hospital or anywhere else. Healthcare professionals and security guards are our people. No one should be discriminated against.

“We do not allow everyone to know”

Turan underlines that hospital incitement will not be allowed and goes on to say:

However, in some of the hospitals selected by Point Shooting, the incidents of pushing and shoving our people show that a secret hand has implemented new plans in Turkey.
Everyone should know that an understanding that upholds the policy of let the state live, will not allow such incidents to happen.

It is clear that attempts are being made to obscure the services provided. We will not allow such provocative pictures and events.

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