He has spent 45 months in prison for sexual assault, a DNA test has revealed

A 14-year-old man has been charged in the Chagliansarit district of Kahramanmaras for allegedly sexually abusing his cousin’s daughter. The life of Mustafa B., who at the time was working as a porter in Sanliurfa and was on vacation, turned into a nightmare when he visited Headman’s office.

Proven by DNA testing

Mostafa B., who was brought to court, was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison, the Supreme Court convicted and confirmed him and his life turned into a dungeon. Mostafa B, who has been on the run for 4 years. He was arrested in 2012 and imprisoned. Mustafa BK was rescued by lawyer Serpil Yavasoglu, who was acquitted in each court. At the end of the case, Wildoglu was acquitted through DNA testing, proving that the father of the child who died after his birth was not Mustafa B.

“I’ve learned everything I’ve caught.”

Describing his experience, Mustafa B. “I was a porter in Sanliurfa in 2008. I came to the Çağlayancerit district 2 days before the banquet. My dad said, ‘Boy, you go back, show us these health documents. We’. We went to the headman’s office with my dad. I testified. The white-clad police were asking about me. When I said it was me, they said, “Come in 5 minutes, we have a job.” They brought it from Çağlayancerit district.

“I’ve slept for 45 months, they’ve gone in and out.”

Wherever he went, they questioned him as if he had committed a crime. “There, the prosecutor asked the question again. I didn’t answer again. Because I didn’t. I hired a lawyer. The state intervened in my defense. When the incident was suspected, I was sentenced to 21 days in Aksu prison. I was 21. The day was there. After 21 days, they increased the age of the girl and I am out of jail. They took the file from Pazarsik and took it to Kahramanmaras Second High Criminal Court. I don’t know any of this incident. Then my case was heavy. I found out that he is in jail. OK then I said, I did not go to the case because I trust the lawyer. I went to Adana to pick cotton to work after court. He said again, “You don’t have to enter. I’m coming to the decision court, anyway. My lawyer, whom I hired as one. Alternative says, ‘He doesn’t need to come.’ My brothers are going to court. I am in Mersin, they called me and told me that I had been sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison. Arrested after four years of absconding. I wanted a new lawyer. “We will do a DNA test,” he said. “We will do a DNA test on the baby. I said, ‘OK, sir, get it out. It was quite a process. The result came after an attempt. “I was in prison for 45 months and they kicked me out of the house because I was sorry,” he said.

“It was a very serious crime.”

Mentioning that MB was in prison when the case came to her, lawyer Serpil Yavasoglu said, “My client, as a result of an investigation into sexual assault since 2008, sentenced her to 12 years and 6 months in prison. The final decision was: he was in prison. He was executing in prison. I had no legal contact with my client during that process. I was not his lawyer. Either way. It was a serious crime, “he said.

“Judgment decision approved”

“It was a felony sexual assault, and now he has reaffirmed that the crime was committed through a decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals to confirm that the crime was committed,” Mr Wildoglu said. He is dead. In the trial file, frankly, since there is no request by the party attorneys within the scope of the request, a DNA test is not performed as such matter has not been officially considered by the court. So have a baby. Mostafa never confessed to the crime and did not commit any sexual assault, saying he was a victim and had been unjustly imprisoned on such charges. The victim also has a fact that a child was born there. In the end, a DNA test of this child will reveal the truth as to whether Mostafa is the father of this child. We have made a claim. We had a hard time. The child’s DNA and Mostafa are in prison. We made a request from the Institute of Forensic Medicine to compare blood samples. Samples were taken, sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution, and the news that was very pleasing, which would change the course of the whole trial, had arrived. Because as a result of DNA test, Mostafa is not the father of 99.9 percent children. I have not worked alone in a business follow-up where your applications will be made to any authority and under what conditions the legal process of the judicial process will be prepared. Of course, my colleagues have helped me a lot in this regard. It was the effort of the whole team. They set their hearts. They also believed, we believed together, we fought and we won, ”he said.

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