Jim A Plus is rejecting the 8 million offer

Founded 13 years ago by Tahsin Agirman, Jim A Plus serves Beilikduju and Bahsehi, one of Istanbul’s most populous districts. Its state-of-the-art equipment, study program, free group lessons, indoor swimming pool, gym massage room, sauna and steam room. Together, the legend The game Jim A Plus, which works as a complex, allows you to get rid of the hassles of daily life and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Jim A Plus board chairman Tahsin Agarman, who turned down a 8 8 million offer from Qataris, said their goal was not money but a healthy life, and that they would continue to work in line with their goals and vision. .

Organizing events with the center, which includes champion training. The game Although it cures the problems of those who want to do it, it allows them to have fun. Jim A Plus, which enables you to meet all your needs together as a sports complex, provides a good family environment, especially for those who have weight problems, those who want to keep a fit body and those who are fond of sports, and serve. With the right training program with an innovative and different approach for everyone.

We have rejected the offer of Qatari traders.

Tahsin Agirman, chairman of the board of directors, who traveled 13 years ago with the titles Legend Spore and The Jim A Plus, says they are also a favorite of many foreign investors. Indicating that they are continuing their activities in the textile sector with the Louisiana and Jasmine shawl brands in the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula and North African countries, Ağırman explained that they have a significant position in the sector with their branches in Dubai and Germany.

Explaining that they offer their activities in the field of sports according to their innovative vision and basic needs of the people, Board Chairman Tahsin Agriman said that the sports centers have received more than 8 8 million in offers from Qatari businessmen. Noting that the partnership has no such thoughts at the moment, Ağırman enables athletes across Turkey to make friends with the SportV application they are working for.

Tahsin Ağırman, who has increased his investment in fitness centers and wants to ensure athletes work with champions and specialist trainers, has begun reaching out to more people with the Bahceşehir centers they established last year, following Beylikdüzü’s sports centers.

Jim A Plus is much more than sports …

Jim A Plus, which has become not only a fitness center but also a high-quality sports center with its trainers, also offers Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Spinning, Sports activities, Pool, Fitness, Sauna, Turkish Bath, Massage and Dietitian. Services. Moreover, Sports Center, which offers these with a monthly subscription fee of 149 TL, allows its clients to play in a pleasant environment. You can click on the link https://www.thegymaplus.com/tr/index to get information about the websites.

Jim A Plus, which is among the first choice of Istanbul residents due to its central location, delights its clients, i.e. its members because it is not just a sports center. Of course, the sports centers, which continue to thrive successfully under the management of Tahsin Agarman, also increase the amount of investment and serve more people in a wider area.

Jim A Plus is rejecting the 8 million offer

With an interior area of ​​6,000 and 12,000 square meters, Jim A Plus, which is preferred not only by those who want to play sports, but also by professional athletes, has all the professionalism you are looking for. Thus, even those who start sports as a hobby become passionate about sports over time.

Everything sports here …

People who like to play sports know their body well and know what to do, that is, what sports equipment to use to get the shape of their body. On the other hand, those who are still new have no idea what equipment they will use and what conditions they will work in, so many people usually stop going to the sports center within a few months. However, Jim A Plus overcomes this situation and prepares the right work plan for each client and also organizes the work that should be done.

That way, you’ll see the day-to-day changes and you’ll see how important it is to play sports for a fun, healthy and beautiful look. Gym A Plus, which enables you to achieve this, serves as a hub where you can make good friends, play sports, spend time in the swimming pool, relax your body in the steam and sauna room and allow you to relax. Gives. By massaging your whole body physically and spiritually.

Jim A Plus is rejecting the 8 million offer

Legendary Spore success with Tahsin Agirman

Jim A Plus, which started its activities 13 years ago with the title Legend Sports, today serves the people through its second branch in Baileykaduju and Bahsehir, one of the most populous places in Europe. Jim A Plus, which is often mentioned in the business world due to its success among sports centers, often receives investment incentives and partnership offers from businessmen. Tahsin Agarman, who said that the company has a successful management and they continue to work intensively on SportV and Taurus projects, announced that they will bring their success to the world according to their vision.

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