Last minute: Legislation to prevent violence against women and health workers

The AK Party has introduced its 18-item bill in Parliament.

The AK Party has introduced an 18-item bill in the presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which includes provisions on the prevention of violence against women and the personal rights of health workers.

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Bulent Turan and AK Party Ankara Deputy Selva Cham held a press conference at the Grand National Assembly in Turkey. Turan says that as a party, they have introduced an 18-item bill that regulates the increase in punishment for preventing violence against women and health workers in the presidency of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly. “Our bill, which includes two important issues, includes the prevention of violence against women and the personal rights of our health workers. Violence against women and health workers is a common issue for all of us. We expect a positive approach from all. Our parties . “

‘Decisive Punishment Is Coming’

The first signatory, Ankara Deputy Selva Kam, also explained the proposal in detail. Cham said they had submitted the proposal to Turkey’s Grand National Assembly with important legal regulations in two major cases. We are coming up with a proposal that is the best. As we have seen in the past, the practice of pardon has been met with much criticism for its good conduct in court. Our conscience is hurt because of the reduction in both crimes against women and crimes against children and others. We hope that the members of our Supreme Court will make provisions for the implementation of current and future legal rules that are impediment and uncompromising, ”he said.

‘Good status discount running’

Recalling that Article 2 of Article 62 of the Turkish Penal Code, before and during the hearing, includes the possibility of exemption from good behavior, AK Party member Cham announced that this article has been changed with the new rules. Cham said: “We want repentant behavior to be taken as the basis of the new regulations. The new regulations we have introduced include a provision that the conduct was made only to influence the court and the judge during the hearing, pretending during the hearing. Cannot be considered as a reason. In other words, there is a tie in the public with this regulation. ” Therefore, the implementation of good conduct exemption in the following processes eliminates the problems arising from the law, ”he said.

‘Catalog will be considered a crime’

Selva Cam said the crime of “intentional injury” against a woman would be included in catalog offenses that are considered a reason for arrest, and said “intentional injury crime is committed against a person who is unable to do so.” Protect yourself with a monstrous feeling. In addition, a more effective fight against violence against women will be considered. If crimes are committed against women, ”he said.

Prison for personal activities

Stressing that for the first time in Turkish penal code, non-compliance would be regulated as an independent crime, party member Cham said:

“With this article, it would be considered a crime to constantly chase, physically communicate or use communication equipment, information systems or third parties to cause serious inconvenience to a person or to be concerned about the safety of his / her relatives. A separate version is regulated as a separate offense, with imprisonment for 6 months to 2 years for this offense. Forcing a victim to leave or change his or her school, work, or place of residence, if it is done by a person who has been suspended or given a measure of not going to a place of residence, school, or work, is regulated as a worthy case Sentenced to 3 years imprisonment করা Continuous follow-up is a crime not only against the divorced spouse but also against all women It can be 6 Therefore, all of us women, it has been included in our law as a new provision that protects them against those who harass them through relentless pursuit and punishes those who do so.

Selva Kam said that with this regulation, free lawyers can be hired by the bar association if they request women victims of violence and said, “We hope that the proposed law will include provisions in the penal code to prevent violence against women and children. . “

Regulations for healthcare professionals

AK Party’s Cam explains the rules for healthcare workers in this proposal:

“After discussions in our commission, we will submit articles, including our advice on how to provide the necessary legal assurances and assistance to our physicians in the ‘criminal cases’ they encounter after their medical practice, at the discretion of our Supreme Assembly. Our proposal also includes articles related to the establishment of health workers’ asylum and leave due to state-sponsored compensation, and the Board of Professional Responsibilities for Criminal Investigations against Health Workers.

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