Oz Health Business Union’s Diyarbakir branch chief Akuzum reacts sharply to DISC’s allegations

DİSK, affiliated with the provincial administration of Diyarbakir, claims that the DEV Health Workers ‘Union, affiliated with the’ Oz Sağlık İş Union, Hak İş Confederation, which is approved in hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health, is obstructing the free use of the union’s activities. Managers of the Ministry of Health, as reflected in the press and the judiciary. Mehmet Akuzum, head of the Diyarbakir branch of the Oz Health Workers Union, reacted harshly.
The DEV Health Workers Union, affiliated with the Diyarbakir Provincial Administration, DİSK, recently issued a statement. The statement said, “Oz Saglik is a union hack approved by the Business Confederation, which is approved in hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health. The union, which has become the general directorate of the Ministry of Health, disrupts free union activities by distributing money to workers in violation of union law. With which it is a party, “he said.
Mehmet Akuzum, chairman of the Diyarbakir branch of the union, and Umit Umdu, head of the Diyarbakir branch of the DEV health workers’ union affiliated with the DSK, have received a strong response for their claims against the union.
In his written statement, Akuzum mentioned that DEV Health Business runs a smear campaign based on some news from the head press of Diyarbakir branch. Expressing this slander and slander to those who see it from an ideological point of view, it looks like a union activity in realization, Akuzum said, Run. “
Note that for some time now, they have been following the organizational activities of the Giant Health Workers Union affiliated with DİSK in some hospitals across Diyarbakir, saying, It is not possible for us to turn a blind eye to the slander and slander of the president of the Diyarbakir branch, which is also included in some media organs and has been narrowed down to the sub-text of “signature promotion”. Khabar DEV Health Business, which does not consult with our union and accepts some of the defamation news created by some media organ of the legal process as initiated with the claimants outside the objective criteria, aims to create an idea among the workers through these news. .
Noting that Öz Sağlık union has taken immediate legal action, Akuzum said, “As an approved union, our recommendation to the DEV Health Workers’ Union, which grabs this news due to purely ideological concerns and tries to influence workers through a smear campaign, is ideological blindness.” To get rid of and focus on the rights and benefits of the workers. Otherwise, that blind perception and slander will continue to be portrayed as union activity. I hope they could have true unity instead of eating this slander.
Meetings, meetings and all activities held by DISK in hospitals on the scale of Diyarbakir are considered by us as union activities and the will of the workers is respected without end.
However, they should not think that they can destroy the ğz Sağlık İş union with perception and slander and we will turn a blind eye to their statement to this end. Öz Sağlıkİş Union does not interfere in the activities of any union, on the contrary, as an approved union, it works for the benefit of all health and social workers, whether they are members or not. However, it will never allow unionism, excluding its institutionalization, union identity and state institutions, “he said.

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