Parallel to Arctic Monkey Frontman Alex Turner’s Love Life group hit song

Ariel Vandenberg (2011-2014)

Let’s talk about Ariel first. Ariel is actually an actress but she was a vine at the time. (She is now the host of Love Island. Although she has a sense of humor that does not appeal to me, she has a number of followers on Instagram, Influence or anything else.)

I think he was friends with Alex before, he shared photos from 2007 to the last years.

Two days after breaking up with Alex, Alex changed the lyrics from “I’m Feeling Stupid” to “I’m Feeling Stupid” in 40 seconds as he sings lightning songs for Alexa with his new haircut:

Watch the clips suck it up and the naughty twins and black trackl, respectively. Matt Holdinger and his fiance, Brenna Helders, are at the top of the clips. Then in January 2012 the RU Mine video came out and it started with Alexa Chung Girlfriend clip The tradition continues with Ariel:

2012-2013 in full swing with him. Wrong They were Florence and Halloween machines:

When we arrived in September 2013, the duration of the am album started and they started to become very popular. arielle de vine is an event. Since Ariel is a very active user of social media, she shares lots of pictures.

So what happened to Alexander? The general opinion about this is: Alexa Chung was already influential in the relationship, she wanted to upgrade her boyfriend, she broke off the relationship with him. In England, they see Alexa as an unattractive girl and constantly try to be the center of attention. In 2013, there was a lot of ridicule about his book or anything else. Until 2013, he also gossiped with some famous men. (Theo Hutchcraft, Chris Martin, Albert Hammond Jr., Jared Leto …)

He thought Alex would be almost stupid after they broke up, but it turned out to be the opposite. He began to look even cooler, fell in love with Ariel and achieved worldwide success through his albums.

If we examine the album am, what I want to know is, for example, that it is a breakup song. In this interview, “Is the song specifically about one person?” Says “yes” to the question 🙂

Alexa Chung remembers when you said knee socks, however, she wore it when she was with Alex.

Fireside is another break up song. “Like I have that hotel suite in my heart and you’ve lived there for so long, it’s weird that you’re gone now.”

Now let’s come to the most controversial Arbela context. Friends, due to the similarity of the names, the song has been thought about Ariel for years, but last year, Matt posted an Instagram comment referring to his ex-wife, Brenna, Arbela. “Are you sure who this song is about?” He wrote something please, confirming that it was not about Ariel. However, Ariel has nothing to do with the girl described in the song. But that’s how she behaved when she was with Alex. For example, she now dresses like this:

His style and most of the songs he listens to are pop, tick talk songs and so on. But when he was with Alex, he was always chatting with Alex’s songs as if he was inspired by him, he was sharing knee socks or something 🙂

Let’s take a look at the lyrics:

“Arabella has some interstellar-gator skin boots” This photo was taken by Alex:

“And a helter skelter ‘around his little finger and I run it endlessly.”

“She has a Barbara Silver swimsuit.” Alexa is a fan of Barbarala.

“Arabella is in her seventies but she is a modern lover.” The Alexander style of the 60’s and 70’s, much inspired by Jane Birkin, even imitated him quite a bit.

“It’s magic in a cheetah print coat
I hope there is a slip under it
Asking if I can get one of them
The organic cigarette he smokes “

However, he said “This one for Ariel” at Ariel’s birthday concert 🙂 However, the answer to the question of who inspired the song now depends on you.

After breaking up with Alexa, they spoke for the first time at the GQ Awards in September 2013, although their picture has not been released. Meanwhile, Alexa’s book Brick is coming out. There is a chapter in the book about heartbreak:

“The problem with heartbreak is that no one can help you when your heart is broken. Nobody and nothing … It’s not a movie that you watch alone for a character who feels like you, it’s not glasses next to your bed or A bottle of whiskey and it’s definitely not Instagram. Posting pictures on Instagram that make you look ‘happy’ will not heal your broken heart despite all your efforts. Every time you post a fake happy picture on Instagram, a fairy dies. “

“You have to remind yourself that the right filter can be incredibly flattering and that girl probably doesn’t look so good in real life.”

“Surprisingly, a broken heart hurts physically. It feels heavy as if someone is sitting on your chest.”

“The worst thing I’ve ever heard of my life is this: You have to be heartbroken to know what to say to your daughter when she’s heartbroken. I’m Alexa Chung and one day I’ll have a baby. Girl and I know what to say to her. I will say: No one lives without a broken heart and one day you will wake up and everything will be fine. I can’t wait for that day. “

In the book, he tells a story like this: One day, Mick Jagger’s ex-girlfriend, Marion Fethel, met him at a bar. He asked her, “How did you overcome such a separation?” He added: “Dahhling, you can’t believe the song.”

September 21 Alexa Interview on Parents Being published. “She and Al, as she calls him, are still friends. ‘Oh yes, he’s my best friend,’ he says calmly.”

neys, e then enters 2014, Ariel is posting photos with Alex again.

They even go skiing with their friends on Alex’s birthday in January. But after the holidays Alex is breaking up with Ariel. Ariel is taking a break from Instagram. He said in a podcast in 2020 that he was very sad and depressed at the time because he thought he and Alex would be together forever. Lost his best friend. But in Alex Turner’s timeline, Ariel doesn’t really matter. Very opposite character. He did not write a song about her after the breakup.

However, many fans then say that they have seen Alex with Alex but no pictures. Meanwhile, guitarist Alexa goes to the wedding of Jamie and Katie (they are all very close friends.)

Finally, on June 20, 2014, for the first time since 2011, Alex and Alex’s photos appeared.

Alexa then shared the following on Instagram:

When we look at it, it’s like Alex’s writing:

On July 13, 2014, Alex sang “I will play a love song because I love you” before singing Thunderstorms, which is said to have been written for Alex. People thought it was for Alexa (they met at the park in 2007), but she could tell the audience. (She did it before sucking.)

He is angry

And finally on July 31, 2014 (exactly 3 years after their breakup), Alexa was spotted wearing an Arctic monkey T-E:

7 September 2014

They say that while Alex is so successful during this time, that Alexa wants to make peace with him again, they were together until the end of 2014, but I don’t know how true that is.

When we arrive in 2015, Alex is reuniting with Miles Kane for the new album The Last Shadow Puppets. And this time he’s coming out with Taylor Bagley.

However, if you notice, there is no time difference between the girls. The man has been in an unbroken relationship since the age of 18. I think Alex is a person who is happy like this or he is afraid of loneliness 🙂

However this chapter ends here. I’m actually going to continue but it was too long. After that, there are many more: Taylor-Lewis incidents, occasional meetings with Alexa, and so on. But as I said, it’s been a long time coming, I don’t know if I’ll write. For now.

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