Proposal “A system should be set up to protect children’s rights in sports”

Istanbul (AA) – Dr. of the Department of Sports Management at Istanbul Bilgi University. Coach Member İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu and Child Studies Unit Coordinator Gözde Durmuş pointed out the violation of children’s rights in sports and shared the measures that should be taken against this violation.

A statement from the university said that every child has the right to play sports in accordance with Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, children may experience specific forms of neglect and abuse for sports.

Istanbul Bilgi Sports Management Department statement, whose views have been included, said. Coaching member lknur Hacısoftaoğlu said that in order to prevent negligence in sports, first of all, safety measures should be taken to protect the child from all kinds of harm.

Hacısoftaoğlu, ‘adults are responsible for ensuring the safety of the child by taking the necessary precautions in all cases, starting with the provision of safety equipment such as helmets or knee pads that should be used during children’s matches and training, to ensure proper air temperature. Gym, toilet hygiene, changing room to protect privacy. ‘ Evaluated her.

Referring to sports as a very body-centered field, Hacısoftaoğlu says that for this reason, sports can lead to certain types of physical abuse.

Hacısoftaoğlu, ‘As the key to success in sports, we often come to understand’ no pain, no victory ‘. However, it should be ensured that the children can participate in this by enjoying sports without any trouble. Examples of such abuses include training that is not appropriate for the child’s age, preventing the child’s development, continuing to play despite being injured during the game, playing in a team that is not suitable for his or her physical development, throwing weapons at children during training, or using physical violence. Can be given as. ‘ Used expressions.

Referring to the fact that the harder a child is in Turkish sports culture, the more successful the child is, says Hasisftolu. Success in sports. Although all these behaviors are used as a tool of inspiration against the child, it means emotional abuse. Evaluated her.

Noting that the distance between a coach and a child should often be lost in private sports, Hassisftaulu said: The distance between adults and children must be maintained. Used expressions.

Hacısoftaoğlu, who also shared measures taken against sexual harassment and abuse of children in sports, went on to say:

‘Children need to work together with adults, especially in private sports. In such cases, the child should not be alone with the adult in an isolated environment and should work in an environment where it is seen by others. For the body-centered nature of the sport, the coach has to establish physical contact with the child. It is very important that the code of conduct is specifically regulated for the sport and that all adults and children are aware of it. On the other hand, the child’s speech prompts us when there is a problem. So an investigation should be started depending on the statement.

In particular, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of National Education need to implement the necessary policies to implement child protection policies in sports and establish this area as a safe area for children. The federation, clubs affiliated with the federation, sports schools, school sports teams, administrators, coaches, parents and children should be informed about this; Policy documents need to be made with the views of all these actors. Guidelines need to be prepared to determine how this policy document can be implemented and codes of conduct for children. The implementation of these guidelines should be monitored by both the central structure and the independent auditors. A system needs to be developed so that international sports organizations can also be involved. For the sustainability of these policies, it is imperative to establish child protection units within federations. Parents and children should know how to report a case when it happens. How these cases are handled should also be examined.

– ‘Every effort must be made to ensure the safety and well-being of the child’

Gözde Durmuş, coordinator of the Bilgi Child Studies Unit, said that unless we make it clear that there is a lack of child protection in sports, adult responsibilities can be suspended or kept on paper.

Dermus says:

“We are facing child protection issues in both Turkey and the world. We usually intervene after the child has experienced neglect and abuse. However, before this happens, all sorts of measures have to be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. For this, first of all, it is necessary to change the existing perception. Everyone who comes in contact with a baby should be aware of this. Children should be made aware of the problems they may encounter in sports, they should be able to express their objections and preventive research should be implemented to avoid all these problems. Therefore, both children need to be empowered in this sense and all adults who come in contact with the child need to be made aware of this.

All sports organizations must have policies, regulations and mandatory documents on child protection. The cooperation and communication of the concerned ministries, media and sports clubs is very important for establishing an effective child protection system in sports. Of course, we should support children’s participation in sports, but in doing so, we should not lag behind in protecting children’s rights. The views and needs of children and adolescents involved in sports should not be ignored while realizing these realities, their views should be listened to carefully and their views should be taken seriously.

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