Sports News – Hamit Altintop made a statement before the Portugal match! We want to play the final …

Hamit Altintop, a member of the Turkish Football Federation board and manager of a national team, beat Portugal in the semifinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers play-off tour in Konya with Italy on Thursday, March 24. Italy beat Macedonia in the World Cup.

In response to a question from reporters at the hotel where a national football team camped in Porto, Altintop said: “After 10 qualifiers, we finished second in the playoffs. It was a good draw, the hardest we could say. Draw But we know what can happen in a single match like this. Definitely Portugal. Definitely. When you look at it, it has won the European Championship, there are very valuable individual players, but we can see their flaws and weaknesses in the last home. Game against Serbia. We want to take advantage of it there and turn it into an opportunity. We can do it, we believe in our team. When I was on the field in 2012, Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo were on the field and we won 3-1. Yes it was a friendly match but still we won. We can repeat it on Thursday. I believe.” Used phrases.

Noting that the team’s players were not seriously injured, Altintop said: “Nothing too serious, thank God. Our players will be followed in training in the coming days. We will not take any risk from them. They are all very valuable and valuable. They will play if they have a chance to play, but in the last detail we talked to the doctor, nothing serious.” He said.

Underlining that there will be pressure on host Portugal, Hamit Altintop said, “We are playing in Portugal, they will be under pressure. Favorites We got an environment here with our new coaches and player group. We want to continue this. We will not evaluate it as a result only. You can confirm it. Of course, when there is such an opportunity, we seriously want to hand over everything and play the final on March 29. We want to play in Konya. , In our country. It doesn’t matter Italy or northern Macedonia. Although there are so many great opportunities, every football player and every team has this opportunity. Want to evaluate.” Evaluated her.

“Hopefully, we will get a good result with a beautiful football”
Altintop says, “”A team that the Turkish people will be proud of will come out on the field,” said Stefan Kuntz. Do you see this environment in the team?” “We are together today. But we have this weather. We started our work from our last match. After the draw, we had a chance to know the details. In the process, we increased our contact with the players and started our inspections. Game plans are also discussed. The opposing team is analyzed. From today “We will spend a lot of team environment, team environment, more rest. Hopefully on the day of the match we will get good results with good football and in a good way. Rested.” He replied.

Recalling names such as Hamit Altontop, Youssef Yagisi, Kerem Akturkoglu and Genghis Wonder, he said: “Thank God the names of the team are in form. Most importantly, there will be no injuries. There will be ups and downs. In performance. I am talking about Yusuf Yaziki. After an incredible championship, for a variety of reasons. He didn’t have much of a chance to play. We can’t say he played badly. He made a decision and changed teams. This is a situation. It takes courage. He is at the top of his new team and it is of particular importance that he has an impact on his score. We always knew he was a good football player. He contributed to the score and it is important and valuable to us that he can maintain his confidence. ” Made a statement.

“Our motives are clear. We want to pass the tour.” Using his words, Altintop speaks:
“There is no need to talk about this. We want to pass the tour and we believe in it. We took our best precautions and precautions. But there are some factors that represent a team, sincerity, communication and advice. We also want continuity. We want to move away from shaky football. “We want to make it, improve the quality, make the pool bigger and go somewhere. This is only a score index match, but our long term goals will always be considered in our analysis. We want to pass this round, but we will be satisfied if it brings even a small step closer to our long term goals.” “I hope we can meet the Turkish people, their values, their expectations and make them happy. Football is a matter of the heart. Professionalism is definitely needed, but when you do it with your heart, good results will come at the end of the day.”

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