The best sports practice to cancel a gym membership

People who are having problems with their excess weight or trying to maintain their health must exercise and diet. You may have your own training and diet program for the sports applications you download on your smartphone.

Many people nowadays suffer from excess weight due to unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. People who are not overweight also complain of health problems or sedentary lifestyle. If you are too lazy to go to the gym and can’t follow the dietitian’s advice, you can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play. Sports application Thanks You can create your own training and diet program.

Android and iOS operating systems Which you can download to your smart device Sports application You can access programs prepared by nutritionists and sports experts. Sports app for you At home or at work, They offer training programs that you can do yourself and allow you to adjust your diet accordingly. We’ve listed the most successful sports apps in the mobile app market for you.

Sports application:

  • My FitnessPal
  • Sworkit personal trainer
  • Nike Training Club
  • Yazio
  • Adidas training by Runtastic
  • Yoga

My FitnessPal

One of the first steps in losing weight and living a healthy life is to create a healthy diet program. Eat food for this I know how many calories And calculate the amount of calories you need to take each day.

In the MyFitnessPal mobile app database More than 6 million meals There are calories and new foods are added every day. After downloading the mobile app, find the food you want to eat, see how many calories you have, and easily calculate the calorie intake of the food you consume in a day.

Sworkit personal trainer

Sworkit differs among the sports applications with the options of strength, cardio, yoga and stretching exercises for its users. 5 to 60 minutes Choose the one that suits you best from the variable training program and start playing wherever you want.

Learn the exercises that you need to do in the most appropriate way by watching the exercise videos recorded by the sports instructors. The first Sworkit mobile application, which offers more than 160 different exercise programs for its users. 7 days free You can use.

Nike Training Club: Training and Fitness Plan

Nike Training Club The mobile application includes more than 185 different exercise programs developed by expert sports instructors from the famous sports brand Nike. You can choose the most suitable one among the exercise programs that have options like stretching, strength, slimming, yoga.

If you want, you can create your own exercise program. There are types of training that you can do at home, in the gym or outdoors. Cristiano Ronaldo You can also complete your daily training at the same time by watching training videos made by successful athletes

Yazio – Calorie Counter and Diet Diary

Sports application

Which is completely free Yazio mobile app You can easily create your daily meal plan. Thanks to the app that offers a new recipe every week, you will be able to eat healthy food without sacrificing taste.

Thanks to YAZIO’s barcode reading system, which helps keep your meal plan healthy through the diaries you create, Calorie counting of food You can easily learn. You can see your progress in a table specially made for you and rearrange your food and sports program according to this table.


Sports application

The PUMATRAC mobile app is specifically designed for people who are not good at sports. The app sends out notifications with various tips to encourage you to exercise every day. Daily smart advice Thank you, you stop being lazy and take action.

More than 80 free workouts You can watch videos prepared by expert trainers and practice simultaneously while training in the application that the program offers. At the same time, you can prepare a special race or walking program for yourself through the application.

Adidas Training by Rantastic:

Sports application

Adidas training by the Runtastic mobile app, set with the principle of “half start success”, is a mobile application designed for users who want to play but do not know where to start. Adidas training beginner by Runtastic Up to expert level There are many different exercise programs.

You can do this in 7 to 45 minutes without using any sports equipment. More than 180 training programsYou can apply it simultaneously with videos prepared by expert trainers. You can create your own training program and see your accomplishments as you complete them, be proud of yourself and be inspired for much more.

  • Adidas training by Runtastic
  • Adidas training by Runtastic

Yoga – running and classes

Sports application

You may stretch a little during sports and diet or you may be suffering from unwanted pain because you are putting too much pressure on your muscles. In such a case Yoga philosophyYou can relax by making special rice that survived a few centuries ago.

Add to mobile app 111 different yoga poses with high quality You can see it in the quality video. Each different movement is demonstrated by an expert yoga instructor. In 10 to 30 minutes By choosing one of the variable classes, you can start practicing yoga right now. You will be able to see how each of your poses will be done and what are the benefits of this in the mobile application.

  • Yoga – running and classes

You can download the best nutrition and supplements from Google Play and App Store on your smart devices, including Android and iOS operating systems. Sports application You can download the most suitable mobile application from our list and start using it immediately. Don’t be late to get your dream fit and healthy body.

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