Tunisian children set foot on the dream screen with “Caragoz”

The 3rd Carthage International Puppet Art Festival in Tunisia is hosting a workshop on “Caragoz” by Turkish puppet artist Semal Fatih Polat this year.

Participating in workshops supported by Tunisian Yunus Emre Enstitusu (YEE), Tunisian children both improve their hand skills and gain knowledge about caragos and set foot on the dream screen.

Puppet and shadow drama artist Semal Fatih Polat told Anadolu Agency about the workshop he organized for children and his work.

“Tunisian children know about Karagoz”

Polat said he wanted to get to know Caragoz better for Tunisian children at a workshop he hosted as part of the Carthage Puppet Art Festival.

Caragoz was known in Tunisia because it was located in Ottoman geography, Polat said, “Here it is pronounced as ‘Caragoz.’ Next. I want to introduce you to other characters, like Jenny and Beberuhi. ” He said.

Emphasizing the need for children to learn about Caragoz culture with the principle that “the tree bends when it grows old”, Polat said: To see such images from history again. I have tried to introduce them to Caragoz in our own culture. I am working. ” Says

“Playing karaoke in Tunisia was very important to me.”

Polat said he first contacted authorities to come to Tunisia in 2019 for the occasion of the festival, but the festival was canceled due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

“I really wanted to come to Tunisia, a country in the world where Karagoz is known. The game of Karagoz was very important to me in Tunisia, where an art about Turkish culture is known.” Polat said he would perform the Karagoz play on stage several times in addition to workshops as part of the festival, which will run until March 26 this year.

“The presence of the Yunus Emre Institute in Tunisia is an important factor that enabled us to participate in the festival. It is important for our country that YEE makes its name known to the world by participating in such festivals,” Polat said. “It’s very important. It’s a great honor, I’m honored for that. It’s a great feeling for me to be able to deal with Caragoz and play Caragoz in a well-known country. The world.” Used expressions.

Caragos are the heroes of the Turkish cultural world.

He turned his attention to the art because he loved storytelling, Polat said:

“I started the cargo industry in 2009 behind a cargo master. Later, in 2017, I learned this art through a master-student relationship with another Caragaz master. I have tried to improve myself by adding new techniques year after year. As a theater actor, I was already interested in karaoke, medium drama and puppetry, and it was out of this curiosity that I quickly turned to karaoke. “

There is an aspect of Karagoz that presents people as a story and in this aspect he feels close to Karagoz, the artist said, “(Karagoz) is the main protagonist of our Turkish cultural world, funny, funny and unique character. We have Karagoz, we have Nasraddin Hoja. We grew up with these heroes, so we were very curious about Karagoz. It was alluring. ” Says

Polat said that among the shadow dramas around the world, Caragoz has a unique place in terms of color scheme and materials used.

Many puppets from 19 countries are participating in the 3rd Carthage International Puppet Art Festival held in Tunis Culture City on March 19-26. In addition to the many events, the festival program includes 44 workshops on shadow play and puppetry.

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