Ukrainian pianist Alexander Romanovsky spoke to Mediascope: “This time I’m playing for war-affected children in Turkey.”

Revenue from the Techfen Philharmonic Orchestra is raised from the United Nations Children’s Fund. (Ukrainian pianist Alexander Romanovsky will also take the stage in his spring tour, which UNICEF) Ukraine will leave for war-affected children through emergency funds.

News: Rona Senal
Camera and Editing: Senk Narin

According to the United Nations, at least 64 children have been killed and six others injured in Russian attacks in Ukraine so far. Ukrainian officials say more than 100 children have been killed in Russian attacks. On the other hand, the International Organization for Migration has announced that as of the 20th day of the occupation, 1.5 million Ukrainian children have been forced to leave their country. UNICEF has announced that one Ukrainian child is becoming a refugee every second. There are schools and hospitals wounded by the Russian army.

Ukrainian pianist Alexander Romanovsky went on a tour to support these children. One of its stops is Istanbul.

“My mother is Russian”

MediaScopeRona Senol and Senk Narin talk to Romanovsky after his rehearsal. The famous pianist explained that he was happy that his music would help children affected by war:

First of all, of course, it is impossible to be impressed by the tragedy experienced by people, especially by the many people I love. Although I left Ukraine as a child, I still have many relatives and friends. Even if they are not my friends, it hurts.

My mother is Russian and my father is Ukrainian. I say this so that you may understand how sorry I am for what has happened, and especially for the suffering of the people on both sides. “

“Industry can work even if all other tools don’t work”

Saying that he believed that art could help find a common ground for humanity even in difficult situations like war, Romanovsky thinks he has played his part, as did many of his Ukrainian colleagues:

“We all need to do better in what we can do for ourselves. As a musician I have to make my own songs. Politicians have to talk. Especially in this dark time, we must focus on the most basic things. I believe that art and especially music is one of them. Getting involved in the industry is definitely a very basic need for all of us. I sincerely believe that industry can work even if all other tools do not work. “

Saying that he also misunderstood the restrictive reflections of the war between the West and Russia on art and culture, these limited attitudes are not sustainable:

“There is a tendency to use everything as a tool in these matters. Religion or art can be one of them. But I think it’s very wrong. We use these tools in reverse. In fact, it is not right to call it a tool, it is the most intense expression of human consciousness. Even today if we are playing songs one hundred, three hundred, four hundred years ago today, because these songs are an example of the greatest achievement of humanity.

It seems ridiculous that people are trying to use great talents like Tchaikovsky, Rochmaniv or other European and American composers as tools. Because these are big names. They have united people not only in their own time, but for centuries. So I believe these restrictions will be lifted and this attitude will change soon. “

“There is reason to hope”

Emphasizing the great significance of art for humanity, despite the pain and destruction caused by the war, Romanovsky said he did not lose hope. According to the pianist, despite all this “darkness”, there is reason to be optimistic:

“I believe there is always reason to hope. Humanity is going through a very dark time, but this is not the first time. It is very painful and sad that we are once again entering this cycle of excitement which has brought great destruction to many people. But we also know that a great time of prosperity usually begins after such a period begins when people remember what happened, learn lessons, and make great progress in the right direction. I have no doubt that this situation will change. I just hope that change will happen as soon as possible. “

The Istanbul Concert of Alexander Romanovsky will be held on Saturday, March 26 at the Jorlu PSM Main Hall.

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