Uncle’s daughter sexually harassed! His life turned into a nightmare: it turned out that everything happened when he went to the headman’s office …

A DNA test taken after his lawyer’s struggle saved 38-year-old Mustafa B., who was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison in KAHRAMANMARAŞ and sentenced to 45 months in prison on “qualified sexual abuse” charges. Mostafa B., who gained his independence after winning the law, filed a criminal complaint against his cousin, who made an unfair statement about him and sentenced him to 45 months in prison.


A 14-year-old man has been charged in the Chagliansarit district of Kahramanmaras for allegedly sexually abusing his cousin’s daughter. The life of Mustafa B., who at the time was working as a porter in Sanliurfa and was on vacation, turned into a nightmare when he visited Headman’s office. Mostafa B., who was brought to court, was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison, the Supreme Court convicted and confirmed him and his life turned into a dungeon. Mostafa B, who has been on the run for 4 years. He was arrested in 2012 and imprisoned. Mustafa BK was rescued by lawyer Serpil Yavasoglu, who was acquitted in each court. At the end of the case, Wildoglu was acquitted through DNA testing, proving that the father of the child who died after his birth was not Mustafa B.

Describing his experience, Mostafa B. “I was a porter in Sanliurfa in 2008. I arrived in জağlayancerit district 2 days before the holiday. My father said, ‘Son, you go back, let’s show you our medical documents.’ Went to the mayor’s office with my father. At that moment I saw two white-clad policemen in the headman’s office asking about me. When I said it was mine, they said, ‘Come in 5 minutes, they said we have a job.’ I was also taken to the police station. They asked me this question at the police station. I did not say. I said, I have not seen such a job (crime). They brought my file from Çağlayancerit district to Pazarcik district, ”he said.

“I slept 45 months. Sorry, they took me out.”
Wherever he went, they questioned him as if he had committed a crime. “There, the prosecutor asked again,” he said. I did not answer again. Because I didn’t. A state-appointed lawyer entered my defense. When it was suspected that the incident had taken place, I was sentenced to 21 days and went to Aksu prison. I slept there for 21 days. After 21 days, they are raising the age of the girl and I am out of jail. They took the file from Pazarcık and gave Kahramanmaras a second heavy sentence in court. I am not aware of any such incident. I do not even know that the case has been withdrawn from Pazarcık. Then I learned that my case was subject to severe punishment. I said okay, because I trusted the lawyer, I didn’t go to court. “

“I’d like a DNA test.”
Mostafa B. “I went to Adana to pick cotton after court. Every year, I want to go to court on court day, my lawyer says again, no need, you don’t go. I’m coming to the court of decision ‘No need to come.’ My brothers are coming. Anyway, I’m at Mersin. They call me and say I’ve been sentenced to 12 years and 6 months. I’ve been arrested after 4 years of illegal travel. I’ve asked for a new lawyer. Mrs. Spiral has arrived. I will ask for a DNA test. I will ask for a DNA test for the baby. “We are going out. I said okay, teacher, get it out. There has been a lot of hard work. After trying, the result came. According to DNA, the child has no mother but no father. I asked for a DNA test because I was confident. I was in prison for 45 months and said, “I’m sorry,” he said.

“It was a very serious crime.”
“My client, after an investigation into the sexual assault that began in 2008, has upheld his conviction with a sentence of 12 years and 6 months,” said lawyer Serpil Yavasoglu, referring to the case. The Supreme Court has also ruled that he was serving a death sentence in prison. I had no legal contact with my client during the process. I was not his lawyer. Now the file has been finalized and the execution has started. It was a serious crime, “he said.

“Supreme Court upholds verdict”
“It was a felony sexual assault, and now he has reaffirmed that the crime was committed in the Supreme Court of Appeals, with a decision approving it,” Wildoglu said. But the baby died the day he was born. Since there is no request from the parties’ attorneys in the trial file, obviously, the court does not take into account such things and the DNA test is not done. There is still a baby in the middle. Mustafa never confessed to the crime and said that he had never committed such a sexual assault, that he was a victim and that he had been unjustly imprisoned on such charges. The victim also has a truth, there a child is born. In the end, the DNA test of this child will reveal whether Mostafa was the father of this child. “

“We fought and we won.”
“We made a request. We went through a difficult process. We made a request to the Institute of Forensic Medicine to compare the child’s DNA and the blood samples of the prisoner Mostafa. The sample was taken and sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute. This will change the course of the case. Because of the DNA test, Mustafa is not the father of 99.9 percent of the children. No authority, when, under any circumstances, I did not work alone. It was a whole team effort. They gave their heart to it. They believed in them, we believed together, we fought and we won, ”he said.

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