What does it mean to be a white daisy gift? The ad is the first choice of those who love it

DaisyAs they grow in every environment, they remain white wherever they are. White daisy gift; Having a pure heart means pure love. The chamomile that comes out every spring is also used for health. Chamomile teaProducts like lotions and creams are available in the market. Especially chamomile tea is eaten with calming effect, it is good for stomach ache.

What does White Daisy Mean?

White daisy means pure, innocent and eternal love. White daisy means abundance and health.

Since it represents a new beginning and true love, couples in new love can give each other a white daisy gift.

Daisies, on the other hand, represent joy, respect, motherhood and fertility, making them a good choice for their mothers.

Daisy as a gift means

* If someone of your choice gives you a white daisy, it may mean that he also likes you or loves you.

* Daisy can be given a bouquet in the first period of the relationship. In this way, the innocence and sanctity of your relationship is revealed. If they are given in a lantern and have some love words on the note, they mean the same thing as a red rose.

* The date on which the daisy was given is also very important. E.g. It could be an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or a birthday. You realize that you are special and valuable to the person who gave the daisy gift.

What are the features of Daisy?

Daisy flowers, which convey the meaning of pure love, also convey the meaning of abundance and health. The most innocent expression of love is Turkey, Daisy’s homeland.

One of its biggest features is that it has one in each stem. Daisies that bloom between April and August reach a height of 20 to 50 cm.

Daisy means color

White daisy means; Love someone without innocence and self-interest. This love can vary depending on who you give a daisy gift to. It can be maternal love, sisterly love, sibling love and affection. Therefore, daisies can be presented to anyone as a gift.

Yellow daisy means If; Happiness, joy and unconditional love. Since it is rarer than the white daisy, it reflects more depth in the sense of love, so those who are still in the meeting stage may not be satisfied with the white daisy gift and may get a yellow daisy in the future.

What is the Daisy Symbol?

* Daisy is a symbol of purity with its delicate and elegant beauty.

* Daisy is a symbol of happiness.

* Since the daisy flower symbolizes innocence and beauty, the bridal flower and the bridal crown also have the characteristics of being the most used flower.

* Daisy is mostly used for ‘like-dislike’ horoscope. The person tears Daisy’s leaves and looks at Daisy’s fate to see if she loves the one she loves.

* Chamomile flower is rich in vitamin C and so it is a flower used in both cosmetic, health and food industries.

* The daisy flower has been accepted as a valuable flower in many civilizations, such as ancient Egypt, for offering to the gods.

* The Greeks believed that the first daisy flower of that year would bring good luck.

What is the story of the daisy flower?

Daisy lived in a large garden with all kinds of flowers. He fell in love with the old gardener. He wanted her to take care of herself and sprinkle her water among hundreds of flowers. He was waiting in the middle of many flowers with the hope that one day he would see himself.

He was jealous that the gardener took care of the other flowers. As time went on, he could not bear the burden of love. He bent his neck. Although I could not see the gardener, I could only hear his voice. Even listening to Mali’s voice was enough for Daisy. One day the gardener went to Daisy.

He placed a stick on the ground next to Daisy’s weak trunk and tied Daisy’s trunk tightly. Although Daisy did not fully see Mali, she preferred Mali because of this approach.

A lot of time has passed. No one came to the garden. He could no longer hear the gardener’s voice. One day the sound of footsteps in the garden was heard. She is very excited. Then a young gardener approached Daisy and said, “You have blossomed so beautifully, but your trunk is unable to support you.”

And he cut off Daisy’s head with garden scissors. That’s when he realized why he loves the old gardener. Saying, “In spite of everything, the old gardener worked,” he realized that love is labor.

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