Altai President Ekmexioglu: Serkan Ozbalta doesn’t understand the weight of Altai coat of arms – Altai News

In a statement shared by the club’s media team, Chairman Ekmexioglu emphasized that the young tech man was not even courtesy to come to Izmir. Leave it. We’re an emotional person. “Even though he thought it was a decision, we sadly saw that he had a plan in mind long ago,” he said.

তারাzgür Ekmekçioglu said: “At the moment, we have not promised anyone a rose garden. Like every club, we have a hard time paying. “But at the first difficulty we left the ship. Ozbalta showed in his behavior that he did not have the mental strength to serve at the Super League level. After this time, I will not recommend him to anyone. The club and I will not take his statement seriously,” he said. .

“He did not hesitate to throw us into the fire.”

“We have spoken to Serkan Hodge on the phone and we have expressed our desire to continue, but he has not given up on his decision. We are sorry that he and us He did not hesitate for a moment to set our club on fire at the most critical stage. ” I’m not trying to normalize the situation, but unfortunately this is the reality in Turkish football and everyone has to accept it. “

“Sports boycott is not a problem”

Explaining the claim that foreign players did not go to training because they did not receive their money, President Ekmexioglu said: “There is no such thing as a boycott of training. Earlier this week, some players claimed they did not participate in training. The balance of payments was naturally confused. We lost at least 50 million TL from the growth of the foreign exchange institution. The cost of a bad series of 16 matches reached 25 million TL. With millions of TL broadcast revenue, match-winning payouts and management resources to come back, the situation is set to get worse next season. There you are, and you know it. “

“We owe 12 million euros excluding executives”

“Apart from the manager, we owe 12 million euros. This is a tolerable picture. The important thing is to focus on the goal at the end. The management, the fans, the community, the technical team. “We’re all from Alta. Let’s focus on our goal without harming each other through Altai. We will continue our part. We’ve been making at least 10 million TL per month since the start of the season. Time is of the essence, ”he said.

“Let’s calm down, let’s live together, let’s live together”

The Alta president concluded by saying: “No one wants the bad of this club and works with good intentions. I sincerely say that if we try to destroy each other every time our feet get stuck in the rocks, Altai will suffer. Stay calm, unite, stay together. We even conceded the offside goal in the Sivaspor match. “Unfortunately, football is such a game, if we don’t score the offside goal, everyone applauds us today. Whatever you look at it, you can accept it. “” Let’s focus on home matches again. We accept many sacrifices materially and morally, but we are at the beginning of our responsibility and we will be appointing our new coach soon. As much as possible. “


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