‘Aydin Baba’, a volunteer tailor of Darul Sage residents

Tailor Aydin Ayaz, also known as “Aydin Baba” in Dar es Salaam, where he visits every Wednesday, to please those who live here, sewing their torn and torn clothes as well as repairing their clothes.

Originally from Samsung, has been working in leather clothing in Istanbul for many years. The 60-year-old Ayaz crossed the road with Darul Sage 5 years ago.

When he learns and hears the stories of the residents, whose lives have somehow been dragged into the hospice, Ayaz establishes a stronger bond with them.

I am good to them, they are good to me

Ayaz, who to some called “Aydin’s father” and to others “Aydin’s sister”, told AA the story of the road through the Dar es Salaam during the old week.

Ayaz says he has been volunteering at Hospice for 5 years and says, “I come every Wednesday morning every week. I first greet all the residents one by one. I’m good for them, they’re good for me. I don’t know how I got here, but I’m glad I fell. “Here I fix the torn and torn legs of the residents. I do all kinds of repairs, whatever.” Says

Not only does he sew, he also charges the hospice like a battery, Ayaz said, adding that “the presence of their conversation makes me happy, I think of their pain and rejoice in their joy. They love me as a brother, sister and friend.” ..

“I urge everyone to come here voluntarily and experience this environment.”

The people of Darul Sage were very sincere and sincere, Ayaz said, adding that everyone in the conversation spoke very naturally and spontaneously and expressed their love and anger with their naturalness.

Indicating that no one but his family knew he was here, Ayaz continued:

“Because If he had been in hiding, his spiritual joy would have been greater. However, I think it is appropriate to tell you about it in order to raise awareness and reveal how people here need conversations with outsiders. For There are no males among the volunteers at Darulsej, they are all females. I want men to come here and help the residents of Dar es Salaam in keeping with their profession. It both contributes to the people here and is good for their souls. I advise everyone to come here voluntarily and feel this environment. My family has always supported me in this matter, their support gives me more strength. “

Residents of Dharamsala saw him and realized that on Wednesday, Ayaz said, “I try to manage everyone’s work as much as possible, I do not give back to anyone. I take care of all repairs. I chat with them while I sew. “ He said.

During the conversation, Ayaz told Dar es Salaam residents That he asks questions about their personal lives so as not to disturb them. Emphasizing that:

“If they want to talk, they can talk anyway. I don’t want to dig into what they don’t want to talk about. It makes me happy to be able to gain their friendship and trust. Every one of their conversations is hidden from me and they all occupy a special place in my spiritual world. It’s really a place to learn. Here you see all aspects of life. For example, one of its inhabitants during our conversation ‘I used to work at Osmanbet, I used to go to Dar es Salaam every day, I never thought I would come here one day.’ Who knows what life will bring us? This is why the people here are so humble and natural because of what they have done. In short, those who have been raped and seen all aspects of life. “

“Together we sew holes and holes for residents.”

Maksut Bagi, 70, who has lived in Dar es Salaam for five years, says Ayaz is his biggest assistant.

Mentioning that he has worked as a tailor for many years, Bağcı said, “When Aydın Bey arrives, we sew and tear the residents’ torn and torn clothes together and repair their clothes. For example, now we sew bags with Aydın Bey so that Residents can easily take their laundry to the laundry room. That way, I can both use my time and help people, “he said. Our love and respect for Mr. Aydin is endless. He taught me a lot professionally. “

Calling the volunteer tailor “Aydın Baba”, Ayşe Yücel said he has lived in Dar es Salaam for 40 years.

Usel says he spends time weaving soap dishes, scarves and shawls here and says:

“Aydin Baba is our joy, every week when he comes, this place smiles. Absolutely merciful man, he will be my father till my death. Here everyone sews their torn and torn pieces. God bless him, he is a very kind person. I had a tear today, I brought it, he fixed it. It will never distract us. I grew up in a dormitory, I had none. This is my mother and father. Aydin’s father also became my father. “

“He comes one day a week but works one day a month.”

Selahattin Demir, 63, who has lived in Dar es Salaam for 17 years and has been designing jewelry, said he met her from the first day of Ayaz’s arrival.

Explaining that Ayaz is a very good man, Demir said, “Every week he comes to help people, he does not distract anyone. He does one month’s work in one day. We love Aydin Abi very much.” He said.


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