Became a mother without sex: I got my dream, I don’t need men

Kimberly Godsall is a 38-year-old teacher living in Britain. Three years old ‘Scarlet’ The mother of a daughter named. It has a feature that sets it apart; She has never had sex in her life.

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Godsall, an English literature graduate living in Tunbridge Wales, has been dating men in the past. ‘Out’ But she did not have a sex life. The longest dating period lasted more than three months, and no ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with this man’ They didn’t feel it, ‘Don’t go home’ He rejected their offer and, above all, hid that he had never had sex before. ‘When you got married’ Or when she decides to get married, she wants to have her first sexual experience with that man.

Since her mother and sister found their soul mate at age 25 and had children, she thought it would be hers too. However, that did not happen. When she was 33 years old and life did not go according to plan, she decided to get support while getting married like her mother and brother and did not interfere in the family.

‘No need for men and sex’

Godsall, who said her desire to have children grows with age and wants support, “You don’t have to find the love of your life to have children” He got the answer and the following idea came to his mind: “Yes, I have no men in my life. I have never had sex before. But you don’t need both of them to have children. I can still be a mother without them. “

Godsall, who spoke to The Daily Mail about her experience, said one of the organizations supporting heterosexual virgins to get pregnant in Britain in late 2017. ‘Care Fertility Clinic’Knocked on his door. The doctor told her that the number of people who had children without sex was higher than he thought. Then, the sleeves were rolled up for the method of sperm donation and hatching using her own eggs.

‘Blue Eyed Donor’

He first selects a suitable donor from the European Sperm Bank in Denmark. When choosing online, she chose a blue-eyed, white, red-haired U.S. donor who she thought was similar to her. Paid £ 1700 for two samples.

The first method was tried, the goal was to open the vagina and insert a catheter so that the sperm could be transferred to the uterus and fertilized with an egg. Tried twice. Both attempts failed Godsall, who did the first without anesthesia and said it hurt a lot. Subsequently, in vitro fertilization methods were attempted.

Godsall, who had previously sampled two sperm, took another sperm from the same donor. He paid 850. This time the sperm and Godsal eggs are fertilized in the laboratory and the embryo is transferred to the uterus. The total cost of treatment was ৬ 18,000.

Godsall, who was looking forward to the excitement, had a pregnancy test two days before her menstrual period and received the good news. She was pregnant! He first informed his mother and sister. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Godsall asked his sister to be with him at birth.

Godsall, who became pregnant in 2018, gave birth to her daughter Scarlett on February 25, 2019. For a baby born 16 hours after drainage, “I have not found the love of my life. I did not fulfill my dream of marriage, but I fulfilled my dream of becoming a mother. ” Godsall says he brought his daughter, who weighed 3.6 kilograms, to the midwife, “Look at your mother” When he said that, he explained that the world is an indescribable feeling for him and having a child.

Godsall knows that having children alone is difficult. However, she has underlined that giving birth to her daughter is one of the best things she has ever done in this life. He wants to do ballet, graduate from college.

‘I have a mother and a donor’

Scarlett, on the other hand, was talking about the parents’ names in a children’s group where she had joined. “I am a mother and a donor” Say yes. Saying that he will always be open to his daughter, Godsall plans to tell in detail how he was born at a more conscious age.

Godsall, who befriended women who were mothers like him and thanked them for the support he received from his family, although he did not talk much with his father about it, said he did not want to give his strength to Scarlett and did not plan. Have a second child

She’s used to joking about it with her friends, but she doesn’t tell anyone she meets that she hasn’t had sex before so that there is no more bombardment with questions and questions. “I have a lot of respect for how people use their bodies. I never judge those who have more than one partner. But I waited because I wanted to have my first experience with my husband or what I thought was my husband. ” He said not to be bothered by people’s ridicule, ‘On your ridiculous side’ Trying to see.

Part of her wonders what it’s like to have sex. However, ‘Mr. Wright’He’s not as eager to find you as he used to be. Because he has a daughter, Scarlett, whom he loves very much!

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