Demand for German healthcare workers is increasing

The German state, which lost its trained nurses in Switzerland after the epidemic, implemented the employment project to meet the needs of nurses, health technicians and health workers. Among the project opportunities carried out in partnership with Istanbul Aurel University and DMW Consulting, people from the Turkish nursing profession will be able to be employed as nurses in Germany. Until 2022, in collaboration with Istanbul Aurel University and DMW Danışmanlık, all individuals working or not working as nurses across Turkey will be able to apply.

Ferhat Bozcelik, chairman of the DMW Consulting Board, which evaluated the project; “Germany has always had an employment policy that meets the needs of its workforce and qualified human resources from neighboring countries. Our relationship with the German state, which has strong historical ties with Turkey, has always been different from other countries. Especially after the epidemic, which affected the whole world, there have been serious changes in the health policy in European countries. Unfortunately, European countries that want to meet the needs of qualified health workers have turned their eyes to Turkey. Of course, we want the people of our country to serve their country. However, we do not want our citizens to decide to move to other European countries, especially Germany, to be harmed in the process. Unfortunately, many of our citizens have been deceived in this process or have to pay high amounts. As DMW, we have a significant role to play in the Turkish part of the German state’s nurse employment project In this process where we have removed many bureaucratic hurdles, the most demanded was raising the age limit. As a result of our tireless efforts, the age limit was raised to 40. We do not consider the application of the age limit humane, so we are continuing our diplomatic contacts with the German Ministry of Labor (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales – BMAS) to extend it further. “

Bozelik noted that they helped those who wanted to pursue their nursing career in Germany to be employed after 2 months of orientation training at no charge; “They continue to work as nurses for all the social rights of every German citizen.” Language is one of the strictest rules of the German state. In this project, the most important factor for successful completion of the process is that the candidates reach adequate language. As DMW, we have signed an education cooperation agreement with the Arel University Continuing Education Center to support candidates in this regard. Through the curriculum developed by Aurel University, we believe that the language level of the candidates will reach the desired level, be it face-to-face or through online courses. “

How to apply to become a nurse in Germany?

Applications from male and female nurses who meet the requirements will be accepted by DMW Consulting. Those who want to learn German will be trained by the Istanbul Earl University Continuing Education Center (ARELSEM).

‘Who can benefit’

Among the project opportunities, nurses who have a B2 level German certificate and who are not over 40 years of age, with at least a bachelor’s degree, will undergo 8-week orientation training in Germany. In this training;
Officials of government / private hospitals will visit and meet where they will work according to their department.

General information about German culture will be given.

Explain the basic laws and rights that must be followed in German social life
Technical / vocational language training will be provided.
They will be tested at the end of the term.
At the end of the training, the nurses will start working in government / private hospitals. Those who want information about nursing in Germany can visit

Also, nurses who cannot speak German must obtain a B2 German certificate. At the moment, the university allows nurses to take German courses. Training can be done remotely (online). For this reason, those who want to learn German from all over Turkey can get information from the link

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