Don’t vote for those who don’t know love

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I am writing my most serious political analysis, so the title of the article should not be lightened. The title is not as light as it sounds; Love is not at all.

In this article, I should mention that I am quoting from Omar Farooq’s book “Love and Erection Gain”. Out of my respect for the effort, there are strange curses for those who quote at the beginning of the book without permission or without reference. Amen.

We continue to choose people one by one so that they can represent us. With the exception of the pin wheel of representative democracy (in the words of Omar Farooq, “insult to speak for others”), we at least verify our representatives so that they are decent people. (I hope so!)

The most important selection criteria

The question “what kind of presidential candidate” is very popular these days. They ask me too, I describe myself without noticing. Doesn’t everyone do that? Honest, wise, courageous, experienced, free from greed and arrogance, internal democratic values, clear past etc. Okay, let’s thank you for this kind of generally accepted standard. But there is a measure, which is the most important and most valuable: does he know love? Has she ever fallen in love? Only lovers appreciate this question, and only people who understand what love means can realize how important the answer is.

So do you know love? If you are not sure, help me; I don’t know exactly, but I’m trying to know, learn and understand. For this reason, I try to forget and ignore the many patterns that have been pushed and stuck in my mind since the day I was born. Because what prevents us from reaching love in the modern world is not a lack of knowledge, but an excess of it, or rather a need for knowledge.

Let’s go from Omar Farooq’s book. (Pp. 161, 162, 163)

Love and erection ‘love’,
Omar Farooq, Six Forty-Five Press Releases, 2019

So what is death?

“Death is the absolute other of existence! (…) Death is the end of ‘active matter’ and with it the cessation of all perception. (Bauman.)

“No one can look directly at the sun or death!” (Bauman.)

Because “death destroys the faith of the mind and the faith that the mind promises. It exposes the lies of reasoning out loud. “(…) Death is the greatest defeat of the mind … Death alone does not care about the ego of the mind, nor does it make any special effort for it, nor does it appear on the stage.

(…) Other animals see death as a normal part of normal life and humans make it a problem even though it is not a problem. He wants his life to be long, to gain immortality gradually. He built monuments, temples, airports, palaces, skyscrapers, bridges, organized ceremonies with the participation of thousands of people, and created works that would prevent him from being forgotten. This desire gradually became one of the sources of objectivity, apathy and cruelty. In order to survive for a long time, he agrees to the death of another, killing if necessary. It does not care about the extinction of other living species from nature. Genocide, war and murder all feed on this longing for longevity. Reasons like apparent object sharing, love of flags and holiness always hide this real reason.

Only death is equal to the species!

However, it is possible for (another) person to exist, to define his existence through someone else, to acquire a story, to live with love in this world, to agree to death: “Meaningful life, that is, the real soul knows how to live, The life that embraces others and prepares itself for death. ” (Covel) Freedom from arrogance, greed, cruelty, indifference and fear of forgetting can only be achieved by consent to death. By consenting to death, one agrees with the other, and through the consent of the other, one learns to coexist with others in a non-existent dimension (see book for the meaning of this concept. SD). Because “Love is one of the answers to that human race facing death. With love, we steal a few hours from the time that kills us, which we sometimes turn into heaven, sometimes into hell. In both cases, time expands, stops measuring. “(Octavio Paz) So, personality does not create loneliness and unity does not create dominance. Life stops from a necessity, it achieves a selected dimension that meets the values ​​one chooses. The person who designs and cares about the interior exists for himself and for others, gives meaning to his existence on earth, deprives the world of the right to hate and reject his own existence.

He gives humanity the gift of love, knowledge and the possibility that another life may be. He is freed from necessity, rebuilding himself, whatever he touches and his life.

(…) A dignified, non-resident lover who enjoys the existence of others and dominates thought, does not build a skyscraper (Fallus, SD), does not shout, does not hear; Does not take orders, does not give orders; Does not subdue, does not subdue; Does not prostrate, does not prostrate; Do not put an envelope on the animals; It does not make a child without falling in love, it does not support making it and as a species it does not enjoy the pain of others, it makes its difference by favoring whispers and love.

More in Omar Farooq’s book, I recommend it for those who are curious.

We want to understand love, we want to understand love

How do we choose someone who has not lived a life of adding money and making money, and who has lived a given pattern and memorized even without searching, even when it is difficult to make friends, as a director, as a strong one ? Because we don’t know that it is possible to think “otherwise”. Because, starting from kindergarten, we are “educated” and aligned so that we don’t think “otherwise”. Our connection with the truth is being severed, being disconnected. Because this order would not be permanent otherwise.

We isolate people, nature and ourselves. In this state, we become a pile of soulless flesh and then choose those who are most like us as managers. We are told to devalue our love, to devalue it, so we eat it. Those who force three children do not speak of love. Because they do not know; They are love poor, love ignorant. They pour all their ignorance on us from the screen and the square. They satisfy with us their power, their greed, their arrogance, their quest for immortality. We are all victims, they are our culprits.

Add ‘love’ to your selection criteria

First, we need to think differently about everything, starting with our own lives, and rebuild our lives. In our world of what has become an “open meat market”, who cares, even Tinder Mattress has millions of users and buyers. Love is a way of life, a perspective of life. Love is the miracle of overcoming the fear of death, of loving others, of understanding that we are a part of nature. I think you should fear those who do not know love and do not value it. Also, you don’t need to know business philosophy to fall in love and solve love. Love will solve you before you solve it, don’t worry. If you want to get rid of the itchy, confusing and exaggerated kind, I would say add “love” to your selection criteria. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

In other words, “parliamentary system”, “presidential system”, “six or top table” or something else, have you ever fallen in love bro? Have you ever seen the earth, the universe, people, society, nature, other living things and others from different perspectives? Or are you content with religion, ideology, and the state stuck in your head?

If I were you, I would shout out loud: “Don’t vote for those who don’t love, those who don’t love!”

* Edirne Prison

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