Fenerbahce and Galatasaray aspire to the younger Ronaldinho – football news

Besir Geneloglu, 9, who lives in the Artuklu district of Mardin, started playing football at the age of 6 with his teacher, Rakan Keles. He achieved great success in the match with his sense of place, ability to play and his physical intelligence. Geneloulou contributed 42 assists and 8 goals to Asuraspor, which won the championship with 8 wins and 1 draw in 9 matches at the U11 Football League in Mardin, where Tanju Driver also participated. With this success Tanju Olak has not been noticed in the league, the young footballer has identified himself as the “Messi” of the future.

“Offer comes from Conaspor, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray”

“He has a very special talent,” said coach Rakan Keles. In addition to his dynamic intelligence, he is a child with unique abilities, play intelligence and a future. There have been many transfer offers for him. From clubs like Conaspor, Fenerbahেe and Galatasaray. He is currently playing in our Asuraspore. He is an athlete who has a future and we are optimistic about him. I hope it goes where it wants to go. “

“We would call him Ronaldinho from Mardin, Tanju Olak would call him the Messi of the future.”

Revealing that they noticed his dynamic intelligence during training, Keles said: Gameplay intelligence, ball trades, goal shots and generally very practical gunner. He is an athlete who is different from other athletes and is open to improvement. In fact, we used to call him Ronaldinho from Mardin. Tanju Kolak nickname Besi’s future Messi. Of course, our brother Tanju is more experienced and skilled than us. That’s why we call him the Messi of the future. Besir Mardin has contributed 6 goals for us in the organization. “

Noting that Besir’s story began at the Nevşehir Ürgüp tournament, Keles said: It was good for Mardin to come forward and Tanju Kolak was aware of this. Tanju Kolak came to Mardin with the Ürgüp tournament. It is a source of pride and joy for us that Bessie has come to the fore.

“I want to represent my city Mardin and Turkey in Europe.”

Beşir Zeyneloğlu says he was 9 years old and went to 4th grade in elementary school, “I started playing with my teacher Rakan when I was 6 years old. My teacher Rakon brought me to these days. I want to represent my city Mardin and Turkey in Europe. My nickname is Mardin’s Ronaldinho, my friends gave me this nickname. “

Bashir contributes 42 assists and 8 goals in U11 league

Noting that he has a dynamic intellect and that they have brought him so far with his parents and teachers, coach Erdal Alper said: “I don’t know how long we can carry him. We are trying to educate ourselves with it. The U11 Football League is usually held in Mardin, Turkey. We join there as Asurspor Club. We became champions with 8 wins and 1 draw in 9 games. Besir’s contribution to the team was 42 acid and 8 goals. Bashir has contributed to almost all our goals. Besir has a structure that prefers to score goals rather than goals. He has a passion for making games. Beşir is a very high talent, we are working with an amateur spirit, we are not professionals. For example, we could not accurately measure that dynamic intelligence. We do this with our observations, “he said.

“Perception of space, ability to perceive and speed faster than us”

“I am also a physical education teacher,” said Alpar, arguing that there should be opportunities for big clubs, economic strength and high level of measurement. I have studied on kinesthetic intelligence. I can say that Besir has a clear dynamic intellect. He is the one who closes the gap of physical strength between Bashir and his other rivals. He fills it with his dynamic intelligence. The game takes its reading power from there. We have enough now, but I don’t know if we will be enough in 2 years. Then a big club will need a big coach. We are amateurs, ”he said.


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