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A murder case has been filed against Adalat Bike and Gokhan Denley, both of whom were allegedly linked to each other at the Istanbul Boulevard. The lawsuit alleges that Adalat Bike’s wife, his brother-in-law Farat Bike, his cousin Oznur Erbek, his older brother Selahattin Erbek and Furkan Ozkan were sentenced to two life terms for “intentional homicide”.

An allegation was made about the murders of Adalat Bike and Gokhan Denley, who were allegedly linked to each other in Bukecommes.

The incident, which took place in Büyükçekmece on June 21, 2021, was explained in a complaint prepared by the Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The indictment states that the deceased Gokhan Denley lost his life due to 7 bullet wounds with a cutting tool and the Adalat bike died due to deep cut and friction injuries.

I saw the messages on my wife’s phone

“We have two children,” Mahmoud Bike said in his statement, referring to Bike as his officially married wife. She is a housewife. I went to jail in January 2021, I was released in May.

When I got home, my wife got a text on her phone. I saw their messages with a man named Gokhan Denley. I have seen my wife send love messages to this person since February. I realized that someone named Gokhan had entered my house and was with my wife.

I asked my wife, ‘The messages are not mine.’ He said he did not know Gokhan. Then I talked to my wife’s brother Selahattin. I read the message. I left home saying to my wife, ‘I am sending you to God.’

My wife and her brother Selahattin were at home. I moved to my father’s house in the district of Bahchelivla. I explained the situation to my parents. I told my brother Firaat to go home and bring the children. Euphrates brought home with the children.

I said to my wife, ‘I will divorce you.’ We talked occasionally with my wife. At that time I had my wife’s phone. On June 20, since my wife had a phone, the smartwatch she used gave her location notifications. ”

“I thought he committed suicide when the signal died.”

Mahmut has revealed the location of the bike

“Location shows Büyükçekmece Lake. After a while the signal stopped, I thought my wife had committed suicide, so I called her brother Selahattin. I told her the story.

He said he was not at home. I said, if you are near, I will pass. I called my brother. The return came with a Jaguar brand car. I was trying to get to the location quickly, I called my wife’s brother Selahattin. I told her, ‘If nothing happened to your sister, what is she doing outside right now, how can I hand over my child to her brother, see for yourself’.

Then we met Selahattin and went to the location. We parked at Büyükçekmece Beach. While I was looking for Adalat with Selahattin, my brother Firat called me and said, ‘My aunt came to the place where the cars were a woman and a man next to her.’

“We own your wife”

When I met my wife, I said, what are you doing with this man? The man next to me looked at me and shouted, ‘No, who are you? And I said, ‘Who are you, the woman next to you is my wife’.

Then he said to me, ‘P … if you take care of your wife, your mother will be your wife’. After the oath we start fighting with each other. I couldn’t afford it because she was huge. The man had a knife in his hand, my hand was injured. I took the knife from that person’s hand with the help of Furkan. I randomly pointed the knife at the man.

Then I shot Gokhan with my gun. I was frightened when Gokhan fell to the ground and went to where Selahattin was. Selahattin put my wife Adalat in the car. My brother Farat and his friend Furkan got in the car. We got in Selahattin’s car.

As we drove toward the E-5, my brother was following us in a returning Jaguar car. After walking for a while, Selahattin said to me, ‘Find your wife and drop me off here.’ Selahattin then got out of the car.

Then I realized that the back door of the car was open, my wife was not in the car. After walking for a while, when I returned to the place where Adalat jumped out of the car, saw the ambulance and the police, I hurried back. I had no intention of killing my wife and Gokhan. I am sorry that this happened, “he said.

They pass luxury vehicles

The indictment states that the defendants acted in unison, considering security camera footage and witness statements. It is alleged that Mahmoud killed Gokhan Denley with a bike knife and a gun.

It is alleged that the assailants forced the victim into a vehicle registered in the name of the suspect Selahatin, then dumped the victim in the left lane of E-5 South Road and killed the victim with the Jaguar brand on the victim. The car was under the control of the suspect Fırat bike, which was coming from behind.

Mahmoud Bike, Farat Bike, Oznur Erbek, Selahattin Erbek and Furkan Ozkan were sentenced to two years in prison each for “intentional homicide”. The trial of the accused will start next day. (UAV)

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