GNC Sports Center has been opened in Trabzon

Haber61 – News Service – The GNC Sport Center was launched at a ceremony held at Merkage Cadesi, Kasustu Mahalesi, Yomra District, Trabzon.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by GNC Sports Center Concession Holder Husnu Genk, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Bardal Ozturk, Yomura Mayor Ibrahim Sagiroglu, Trabzon Chamber of Drivers and Automakers President Om Halan Usta, Selchuk Aidin and guests.

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We tried our best

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Husnu Genk, owner of GNC Sports Center, said: “We felt that we needed such sports facilities in our cities and districts. We do our best for you, in line with the requirements we have received. I hope we did something. We hope you will continue to support us in the process. “ Says

A beautiful environment where people can play and enjoy

Speaking later, Bardal Ozturk, the provincial director of youth and sports, said: “Our brothers who have come from sports have decided to build a beautiful sports facility in our Yomora district. They used to be active in sports and now they are thinking of investing in sports. I, the people living here and the people living in Trabzon, with the help of our Yomura Mayor, have created a beautiful place where people can play, encourage sports and spend their leisure time in such a beautiful and decent environment. I thank them for their contribution. I wish you luck. “ Used expressions.

I play sports every day

Finally, Yomura Mayor Ibrahim Sagiroglu spoke, “We, as Yomra District, are a brand district in education, health, sports, politics and tourism. I’m developing fast. The main locomotive of this development is represented by our Kasustu neighborhood, where we are located. Thank God, we cut a few business ribbons every day. It adds employment and value for both our region and our province. Of course, today, our workplace is both our fitness and gym. This is also important to us. The body that plays sports stays young. I am an athlete like you and I exercise every day. On this occasion, we are probably young. We needed such a sports center. I sincerely congratulate my brothers and sisters who have opened this business. I wish you good luck to Almighty God. ” Says

Cut the ribbon, pray

At the end of the speech, prayers were offered and a red ribbon was presented by GNC Sports Center discount holder Husnu Genak, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Bardal Ozturk, Yomura Mayor Ibrahim Sagiroglu, President of the Trabzon Chamber of Drivers and Automakers and Hamer Ustar and Hamer. Selchuk Aydin.

Husnu Genak, franchisee owner of the GNC Sport Center, told Haber 61 that the venue consists of 1,500 square meters and 750 square meters of its fitness and cardio sections, emphasizing that there are sections such as basketball, kickboxing, pilates and sauna downstairs. The floor

We are here for serious needs

Young, adding that they are conducting a study in the area, “We’re usually at the center, but we’ve noticed that the region is ahead of the Trabzon over time, it’s grown a lot and our esteemed mayor has made great progress here. We’ve been in the sport for years. We have come here to meet the demand and feel the need to invest. They told us that there was a serious demand from our people and that there was no European standard gym where they could play sports. In this regard, we are here to help our friends and our favorite sports. ” Says

Our purpose is Turkey and Europe

Saying that they have been working on trade for a long time, Husnu Jenak said, “Sport is something different for us. It comes from the family. But we are working on different types of sports. I fell in love with kickboxing. My partner Yup has been a fitness instructor for a long time. We are here today to bring our branches to the people. Our goal, of course, is to branch out. To create a quality name and give the franchise. Our purpose here is not just to serve our friends. We have set up a company that we can reach all over Turkey, probably in Europe in the future. We’re here today, but we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We hope that we will be useful to our citizens in every part of our country. ” Says

We are trying to work healthier than working directly

Young, revealing that age has changed, “Of course, times are changing. We have very good experienced teachers here. We wouldn’t be here without them. We are aware of that. He was playing sports by opening the window, which affected the athlete’s health. He was playing on the second day, he was coming to the gym in a paralyzed state, or he could not come, or he was in the hospital, but sports meant health. , Using technology, from our ventilation system to our trainers.We took care of our shower department.When our coaching friend was coaching, the cleaning lady cleaned our friend at the vitamin bar.Our friend at the vitamin bar made protein with completely healthy products. And gives athletes the vitamins they need. At the same time, we play sports with the help of a dietitian. Measure the fat and weight of a dead person. According to their values ​​and health status, if we have enough teachers, we have teachers, if we have more than our teachers, we have dietitians, we make our friends potential and then we take them to sports. We are trying to work healthy without working directly. It adds to our quality. It is also valuable to our people. “ Says

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