Gym equipment and work

Gym equipment, name and features

Bodybuilding equipment that first comes to mind when it comes to sports equipment; Dumbbells, bars, machines and fitness equipment are divided into 4 groups. Dumbbells and bars weigh free, while machines are tools that allow multiple movements and are separated by their secure structure. It can be said that fitness equipment is a machine used for endurance and weight loss instead of weight. In this content, we will provide information about what fitness equipment does and its names. You can also play independently from fitness equipment by reviewing our content on bodybuilding headlines without sitting at home. There are sports equipment, cardio equipment and fitness machines, which are one of the essential components of the gym …

1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are functional tools that can be used comfortably anywhere with their ergonomic structure and can work muscles that cannot be worked on other tools. Dumbbells, which have a very important place in bodybuilding sports, can be obtained in different sizes as per the requirement. Existing dumbbells from the first days of body building were made of cast iron only when they were first produced. Consistent with the development and demand of technology, you will see dumbbells produced in different shapes and sizes.

2. Bar

Fitness equipment and work

When we say bar, the first thing that comes to mind is long bar. Long bars are durable metal bars that we are used to seeing in weightlifting competitions. These are usually produced from steel alloy materials and can carry high weights. Metal rods weighing about 20 kg are produced in different ways as required.

Barbell bars are commonly used for movements such as chest push, shoulder push or squat and deadlift. With the exception of long bars, it is widely used in small bars, which are small in size. Short bars do not have the ability to lift weights like long bars. However, it is ideal for small muscle groups. These are commonly used to develop arm and back arm muscles. They are thinner and lighter than long bars.

In addition to the long and short bars, there are also jade bars, which attract attention with their shape. Jade bar is an iron bar designed according to the anatomical structure and the holding angle of the hand bar. They are not in straight shape and have a zigzag look. They got the name Jade Bar because of this design. Their carrying capacity is not like that of a long rod. These are used to train arm muscles and more specific muscle groups, such as small bars.

3. Elliptical bikes

Fitness equipment and work

Fitness equipment designed for sweating, muscle endurance and calorie burning are among the essentials of the gym. Oval bikes, walks and treadmills are the most used by those who want to lose weight.

4. Treadmill

Fitness equipment and work

Most bodybuilders warm up with fitness equipment before starting the game. They are useful for warming up muscles and accelerating metabolism. Again, bodybuilders work out cardio for a few days to burn fat and build muscle. Fitness equipment is also an essential tool for cardio training. It is one of the best and most effective cardio equipment on the treadmill.

5. Weight bench

Fitness equipment and work

Other equipment that can be included in the fitness equipment group is the shuttle stand. The table is used for abdominal exercises before or after each workout. They play an active role not only in the abdomen, but also in the muscles of the lower back and the lateral abdominal muscles.

6. Lat pulldown (back and shoulder workout)

Fitness equipment and work

Lat pulldown gym equipment is used to train wing and back pain. Those who have difficulty pulling up will strengthen their arm and back muscles. Thanks to this sports equipment. That way, he would be able to pull-up more easily.

7. Pec Deck Fly (Chest Workout)

Fitness equipment and work

Thanks to this sports machine, first the chest muscles, then the armpit and arm muscles are developed. Thanks to this sports equipment, the muscles of the outer chest stretch and become erect. The Peck Deck Fly, one of the most popular sports equipment for women, prevents sagging breasts.

8. Cable crossover (back and shoulder workout)

Fitness equipment and work

Cable crossover is one of the most used sports equipment in the gym. Thanks to this sports equipment, the muscles of the shoulders, back, arms and chest develop.

9. Low pulley cable crossover (working chest, shoulder and arm muscles)

Fitness equipment and work

Although the low pulley cable crossover, which is only made on the same machine as the crossover, is a different movement, it works the chest, front shoulder and arm muscles in the same way.

10. Reverse cable crossover (rear shoulder and trapeze operation)

Fitness equipment and work

As the name implies, the operation on this sports machine is done in reverse, diagonal shape. This movement, which can be done standing and sitting, works the back muscles. Although it is difficult to do, it is a movement that works well with the rowing, back shoulders and trapezius muscles.

11. Triceps pull down

Fitness equipment and work

Thanks to this sports equipment, it is provided to work and strengthen the muscles of the back arm of the body. It develops not only the arm muscles, but also both shoulder muscles. It also plays a leading role in the expansion of different muscle groups.

12. Leg press

Fitness equipment and work

Thanks to this movement, which begins with the lifting of the legs, the abdominal muscles and the back muscles, especially the leg muscles, are exercised. Due to the safety measures in these sports equipment, the risk of weight loss is eliminated.

13. Leg extension

Fitness equipment and work

Thanks to the leg extension sports equipment, the upper leg muscles are exercised. People who use sports equipment need to be careful when making this movement. Problems can be caused by heavy pressure on the knees after irregular movements.

14. Leg Curl

Fitness equipment and work

Leg extensions work on the upper leg muscles, leg curls work on the back leg muscles. Although challenging, it is a very effective move. Thanks to this movement, the legs stretch and have a more aesthetic appearance.


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