How does a mother break up?

Nasimi candidate

We have seen a mother, like a man crumbling like a wall.

We hear how a mother’s cry spreads into the air, hitting her tongue from her heart. That voice; We watched sadly as he collapsed on the snow-capped Mounted Mountains, collapsing against the official state wall as he leaned in as a form of protest.

In Dar es Salaam, we see the cry of a father who has no one but God, rising into the sky, and his efforts and frustration to reach the God he believed in.

Gulistan Doku’s parents, who have been missing for two years, have been screaming to the world about their ‘missing’ children, their hearts pounding in Turkish, for a while in front of the Darsem / Tunselli governor’s office, tearing their throats. But the expected never comes; Can’t come

It was as if the famous 1930s slogan “Citizen, speak Turkish” lamented for those whose hearts were burning “like Kerem”. The need to shout in another language is seen in their faces. They hope that when they shout in Turkish, the state and its apparatus will lose their ears and say, “This is Gulistan, go and take it.”

Although they return to their own grammar from Batman to Peace Mothers, they feel that their mother tongue is insufficient to speak to the public. The state does not understand the Kurds, a concern that the Kurds do not understand, even if not verbally. Citizens suspend their forbidden language in order to suppress their pain and shout in Turkish, but the state still does not hear it.

In fact, the overturned Turkish spoken stutter; Subaltern can be read as a form of objection: poor, Kurdish and lost because it stands as a picture of internal colonialism.

Father Halit Doku; “I have raised my children in very difficult circumstances. By God, it was very difficult. Do you know under what circumstances Gulistan studied? By God, in difficult circumstances, he dumped his poverty into the care of the state.

When the police, who narrowed the square in Galatasaray to the mothers on Saturday, warned the Doku family, who shouted at the walls of their pain and anger state, to ‘disperse’, the wounded hearts were wet again: ‘The police are here. , They say. O Minister of Justice, I want justice, give my daughter to my house. I will not leave my daughter, if you want, kill me here, “she cried.

We have also seen a father fall apart like a mountain. The state must have. In front of the governor’s office, in the snowy weather, under the rain, everyone is watching and watching.

“What would you do if your child was ten minutes late for school? I swear to God, you can’t last ten minutes. My daughter has not been able to come home for two years. My Gulistan will not be able to come to his house. I am also a mother, how can I bear it, ”said Bedaria’s mother. We also saw a mother helplessly lying on the wall in tears.

The parents of Gulistan Doku, a university student who went missing two years ago, are falling apart at the foot of the state wall in Darsim, both their own and the state’s.

Many see and hear. But so far no one was able to bring Gulistan back.

There is a high notion that criminals are protected by a deep hand.

When a potential criminal is a policeman and his son, the whole institutional system of the state is hidden in the geography of that war.

Isn’t that all the time?

From the top management of Munzur University to the lower unit, no sound was heard except a couple of weak responses. The efforts of a few conscientious faculty members were not enough to open the closed door.

For two years, Sister Aigul has been desperately telling friends and foes what had happened in Gulistan and potential criminals. Now with her parents, “Take care of Darseem Gulistan!” She cries

Caliph Omar said, “If a sheep is lost on the banks of the Euphrates, they will ask Omar.”

But today’s rulers, following the rule of Caliph Omar, do not even look outside the palace to find the missing Gulistan on the shores of Munzur.

That same evening, the phone of an expert sergeant lost due to confusion was found within ten minutes, thanks to mobile phone tracking and a special software, at a restaurant in the center of Darsim, as the Doku family continued their heartbreaking efforts to bring Gulistan to justice under the state wall.

This we have witnessed ourselves.

The same security unit that saw the people of Darsem cooking in the kitchen and recorded wolves, birds and beetles on every street, even in the hills and valleys, with the help of advanced camera systems, did not find Gulistan Doku, i.e. one person, for two years.

The state that finds a lost object in ten minutes does not find the missing person in 17,000 hours.

What do we believe?

“If you think the places where you cut the thorns will be a spring or something, somewhere in Kurdistan and there will be bloodshed on the Mush-Tatban road,” said Turgut Weir.

The poet is right. They should not be deceived by the state in Kurdistan and should not be uprooted.

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