Ibrahim Toraman: Ibrahim Uzulmez had a special obsession with me – Beşiktaş (BJK) News

Beşiktaş and one of the most important names in Turkish football, Ibrahim Toraman, made special statements to Esma Tokar and Marve Dundar on the “Let the Good One Win” program on Kunet Ozdemi’s YouTube channel.

Referring to what happened between him and Ibrahim Uzulmez while playing for Besiktas in the past, Toraman said, “We are still talking about what happened to Ibrahim Uzulmez a few years ago when we were at Besiktas. I am always asked. I want to. Here’s to cleaning up. It’s really ridiculous when you see it now. … It goes on. I’ve seen the most damage from this small but big incident. We were both captains then. I had Achilles tendon injury. I cut my clit. And I was going to the court with a patch in the back. I want to play basketball right now, for example, I can’t walk. I can’t walk in shoes all the time. I wear big. The doctor knew, everyone on the team knew. After all, we are a football team. We don’t wear suits. I think at the time, Ibrahim Uzulmez had a special obsession with me. Ibrahim Uzulmez was the 1st captain but I was overweight in the team. Ra was getting along well with me. My observation rims, of course. I was surprised to see Ibrahim Uzulmez’s reaction to my wearing of slippers due to my disability. I think the incident was an overflow of points accumulated in him. I don’t think it’s my fault. I am a victim. The manager, who was then our head of the football branch, and the management did not want to solve the problem. Maybe they wanted to send both of us. They escalated the incident, they did not resolve. There were big teams who wanted me. However, since the process was not clear, I did not agree to meet with any of them at the time, “he said.

“We were at peace, then realized me in a match, we stopped and punched the ground.”

“We sat on the field. The PAF coach also came to us. He said, ‘Toraman, I apologize to you. I made a mistake. Let’s go.’ Let’s hold a press conference. ‘ “I did not object, I agreed. I held a press conference. They forgave us, we became champions. Then they gave us the captaincy again. But I think the situation is stuck. With Ibrahim Uzulmez. With Ibrahim Uzulmez management.” He wanted to make a deal and his contract was coming to an end at the end of the season. No deal. In a match. He had nothing to worry about. He played badly, he had no strength. Did you curse me? “

“I was in front of the fans, if the winner saw, he …”

“The coaches, the assistant coaches and the Turkish and foreign players have seen the incident,” said Ibrahim Toraman. “I tried to play my football, but I always felt the pressure of it. There were those who believed when he was. He threw me in front of the fans, and there were those who didn’t. I’m leaving it to the people,” he said.

“I mostly wanted to quit football, but I’m not against chemistry.”

Referring to the time when they parted ways with Besiktas, Ibrahim Toraman said, “It was introduced as if there was a problem between us and Cesar Ozturk at Besiktas. Cesar was a player from Fenerbahce. They talked verbally during a training session. With. As a captain, he’s indifferent. I couldn’t stay because otherwise, there’s no point in me being captain. So I’m warning them not to do it. Came back when I had no interest. In Beşiktaş. Later, although I wanted to leave football to the team, the President said, “We will solve the problems,” but 8 months were wasted. I waited for the news but it did not come. I went to my city team Sivaspor and put football there. I want to leave football in Besiktas, but nothing for the community. I’m not angry, “he said.

“Fatih Hoka has played me a lot in the national team.”

Referring to his experience with Fatih Terim in the national team, Toraman said: “A player from Besiktas has very few opportunities to play in the national team. I think I have seen it better since my football career. গ্রহণenol Güneş took me to the national team first. Later, Ersun Yanal forced me to play. We had differences, some attitudes and conflicts with Fatih Terim. There were times when I did very well, but at that time I Not selected for the national team. I could have worn more national jerseys. We were playing a match, like … my performance was bad in the first half and I wasn’t good because I was injured. I came to the locker room at half time. I opened the luggage. I told Fatih Hoka about my condition and my injury. She said, “You are going to play. You decide? I will decide for him. “It was something that can be solved by communication, but it happens when there is miscommunication. Fatih Hoja is one of the coaches of Turkey’s career … but when you work with Fatih Hoja, it is enough to be good on the field. No. He has to be good off the field. Fatih Hoja is a bit of an emotional person … If he has a good relationship with her off the field he can give a bad second or third chance to someone bad on the field. Among the teachers I have worked with, my own There was a problem while in Besiktas. That’s why. “

“Mary and Chagla are lucky not to be in a great team.”

Speaking about Merih Demiral and ağlar Söyüncü, Ibrahim Toraman said, “If our friends like Merih Demiral and Çağlar Söyüncü were playing in big teams, then maybe they would not be in their current position. Wear a lot, especially when you play on the defensive. ”They can cut you off for minor mistakes. Development can be accomplished without too much pressure on Anatolian parties. This is an important advantage, “he said.

“I want to be a teacher in the future.”

Ibrahim Toraman finally said, “Football is a passion for me … After leaving football, I focused on my development. I got my coaching license. One day in the future, after I believe that I have completed my development, I want. Serve football. Both as coach of the Turkish team and the Besiktas community. I would love to work, “he concluded.


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