Kareem Kareem child sexual abuse and torture! Disappointed with what they said

MK, who is attending the Hockey Bahatin Evgi Dianet Men’s Boarding Qur’an course in Erzurum’s Merkej Palandoken district, said Hakan Aslankafa, who works as his family’s dormitory teacher, threatened and sexually abused him. The family then filed a criminal complaint against Aslankafar on December 2, 2021. Police have launched an investigation into the incident and arrested Hakan Aslankafa. MK’s statement was taken in line with Pedagog. Aslankafa, who denied the allegations in his statement to the police, was arrested a day later in court where he was transferred. Within the scope of the investigation, which was expanded after the incident, it was revealed that 13 children between the ages of 10 and 12 who were on the course were abused.

I’m out of breath

In their one-on-one statements, the children said they had been subjected to violence and that servant UG had beaten them with a stick, calling them “Haider.” UB, a child victim, said he had been a student at the Hacı Bahattin Evgi boarding Quran course for 1.5 years, that he and his friends had been abused and occasionally beaten. Mentioning that he had complained about NK and UG, B. said, “When NK could not teach, the dormitory manager kicked me and my friends and then hit me on the back with a stick called ‘Haider’.” As a result of this beating, I was injured. When he told my family about the incident, the teacher promised that he would never do that again, but he continued to beat us every time. NK beats me about 20 times. My ears many times with his long nails. I had sores on my ears and arms. He hit me with slippers. One day, while I was sitting horizontally, he said, “Sit down and don’t talk,” and pulling my ear and pushing my head, I hit the bench. I hit my head on the table because I was crying. I was having trouble breathing. My back and ears were bruised after the beating, “he said.

They did not accept the demands

All children who have been victims of violence have used similar expressions. The suspect, NK, who was fired immediately after the incident and is awaiting trial, did not accept the allegations and said that the children may be upset because he was trying to master his job sensitively. Hard as a form of education. NK said, “I do not accept the claim that a parent of a student called him or her about the alleged violence at school and did not call him or her when he or she did not take action against another employee. The UG was informed.

The suspect UG said he worked as a doorman in the course, his job description was clear and he did not know why the children complained about him. UG said he did his best to help the children, he warned them not to use violence against them, as he was told he had no right to teach, but he kept an eye on the weekend for about 2 months on Sundays, and he was against it. The allegation was not accepted at all.

The First High Criminal Court accepted the chargesheet

Erzurum 1st High Criminal Court has accepted the 11-page complaint made by the prosecutor regarding violence and torture in the Quran course. Demanding punishment for both officers, the prosecutor made the following remarks:

“As seen in the separate statements of the victim children from the point of view of the suspect NK, the descriptions of the victim children are sincere, the descriptions of events, place, time and date are consistent with each other. In the narrative, too, the description of the victimized children is contradictory. Some of the complainant students have marks of injuries on their bodies as a result of the beatings, they constantly use phrases such as “salakhana, mal …” The suspect, therefore, has committed the crime of torturing a child, a person who cannot be protected. Self or pregnant women, separately against children. It is seen in the separate statements of the victim children in the context of the suspect UG, the descriptions of the victim children are sincere, the descriptions of events, place, time and date are consistent, the suspect person systematically applies violence. It does not torture the victim in the form of sticks, rings or kicks, it is clear that he has committed his crime. ”

In the indictment, the suspects were tried in court; They were demanded to be punished in accordance with the above referral articles and were deprived of the exercise of certain rights under Section 53 of the TPC for intentional offenses. Accordingly, both officers were requested to serve 8 years and 15 years imprisonment separately for 13 children.


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