‘Last Kurdistan Princess’ Bediruxan: Kurds must now unite

Wall – The last princess of Kurdistan, Cinemaxan Bediruxan, who lives in Irbil, celebrates Nowruz. Bediruxan, born March 21, 1938, “celebrates two holidays at the same time.”

“The Kurds need to unite now,” Bediruxan reminded during a conference in the presence of his mother, Rewasan Bediruxan, “give me the unity of the Kurds, I will give you a free Kurdistan” and said, “Let this be the news. A Neuros united by the Kurds’.

Bediruxan, recalling his mother Reushan, once again wished Nowroz “beautiful and full of love” in “Dina Guleke, Banke Bide Hewala Xway” (Earth is a rose, smell it and give it to your friend).

The daughter of Cinemaxan Bediruxan Seladat Ali Bediruxan, who lives in Irbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Kamuran Ali is the nephew of Bediruxan. Cinemaxan Bediruxan was the last member of the family to make a coin in the name of Botan Bay Bediruxan, with the inscription ‘Prince of Kurdistan, Bediruxan’. This is why Cinemaxan Bediruxan is known among Kurds as the ‘Last Princess of Kurdistan’.

Bediruxan lived in Damascus because his father, Seladet Ali Bediruxan, and his uncle, Kamuran Bediruxan, had been tried and sentenced to death by an independent court. Cinemaxan Bediruxan, who was born in this town on March 21, 1938, had seen his father for only 13 years, who fell into a well while working in a cotton field.

Cinemaxan Bediruxan when 19 years old, Mustafa Barjani, Dr. He was part of the Kurdish liberation struggle of Kasimlo, Selal Talabani and Mesut Barzani. Bediruxan, who turned 84 in this neurosis, has a huge archive of more than 100,000 documents in his home.

Bediruxan, who lived in Kirkuk from 1960-74, served as president of the Kurdistan Women’s Association there. He has been living in Irbil since 2006 at the invitation of Kurdistan Region President Nekirvan Barzani.

Honorable Member of Kurdistan Business Women and Honorary President of Kurdish PEN, Bediruxan speaks Kurdish, Turkish, English, French and Arabic. He was a teacher who taught French, Arabic and English at a UN school between 1980-1995 while he was in Baghdad.

‘My father died without an owner’

Cinemaxon Bediruxan has brought a lot in its 84 years of life. These include the freedom struggle of its people and genocide like Halbjar. Recalling the past, he said that he was most disturbed by the death of his father, adding:

“The thing that saddens me the most is the death of my father because of poverty. He was working in a cotton field near Damascus to make a living. He was injured when he fell into a hole in the field. He died on the way to the hospital. He died homeless. My father, who converted the Kurdish language to Latin, fought for the Kurds and spent years in the Kurdish language, was an orphan and died without a home. This is why my father’s situation bothers me the most. I’m so sorry he died of financial deprivation … I was 13 years old, it was a very sad, painful event for us. Everyone left and I was left alone. “

‘Now is the time to unite’

“I will never forget that day,” said Cinemaxa, who lives in Baghdad at the time of the massacre initiated by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. It hurts our hearts. I was very upset. It was a very bad time. Halbja was a beautiful place. My late mother Rewan was saying, ‘Give me the unity of the Kurds, I will give you an independent Kurdistan’. This is more important than anything else. Segarxwin was saying, ‘If we don’t become one, we will be destroyed one by one.’ Now is the time. Enough is enough. Now I live in the capital of Kurdistan. I speak my own language. We should speak our language everywhere. Don’t let the Kurds get lost. The Kurds should not be assimilated, “he said.

‘I’m glad I speak my language’

Sinemxan Bedirxan is celebrating his 84th birthday on March 21 by celebrating Neuros. “I have two vacations,” says Bediruxan, beginning with the Kurdish poet Pyremard’s poem “Neuros,” which Pervin Chakar sang for Neuros: “We have an archive. We can see everyone in this archive. So it is very valuable to us. There are very important documents for Kurdish history. I lived in Baghdad. One day, Nekirvan Barzani came to us. ‘It’s not like Waiter. You must be in Kurdistan. Wherever you want to stay, we can arrange a place for you. I said I wanted to stay in Irbil. I have been living in Irbil since 2006. I live in my own country, I speak my own language. So I am very happy. “

Taking care of refugees and writing their memories

Noting that he regularly visits refugee camps, Bediruxan said he spends time with children and refugees, helping them and meeting their needs as much as possible. Cinemaxon Bediruxan spends most of his time writing his memoirs. He says he will soon put all his testimonies, Kurdish leaders, politicians and his collected memories into one book.

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