Last minute … Dr. Aqua: The ‘DeltaCron’ variant is lighter

Professor Dr. DeltaCron variant description from Aqua!

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology. Dr. Murat Akova said that according to the latest data from around the world, the new version of Omicron has spread much faster than BA.2 Omicron and could lead to a rapid increase in the number of cases in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States in recent days. This is the new variant.

Professor Dr. Emphasizing that the increase may be related to system relaxation, Acova noted that the number of BA.2 cases in the United States has risen from 13 percent to 23 percent in the past week.

“Death due to this variant has not been reported yet”

Referring to the “DeltaCron” variant that carries the genetic characteristics of the Delta and Omicron variants, Prof. Dr. Dr. Acova said: “It was feared that this would be a more serious version like Delta and a faster-transmissible version like Omicron, but so far, there is no evidence that patients with this variant have a more severe course of the disease ৷ or death.

Seen in many countries in Europe and the United States

Professor Dr. Acova added: “Most of the cases were identified from France, but outside of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and even the United States had a small number of cases. France is the country with the highest number of reported cases, with more than 10 patients. This variant was isolated. The main fear was the question of whether Delta and Omicron could merge and cause more serious disease. So it would be transmitted more easily like Omicron, it would cause a very serious disease. The answer to the question is not yet. So far, none of those who have been diagnosed with the disease have shown that the disease has worsened, or that they have died. Less than a year old, young, without any underlying disease; they were mild. “

The main message is not to act like an epidemic

Professor Dr. “Right now, the epidemic is still going on. So, I think it’s very important for those who have completely abandoned all measures, and especially those who have not been vaccinated. It may not be necessary, you are not in a very crowded environment Like in a match, for example, but wearing a mask in a closed environment is still necessary, “he said.

Those in the risk group should be cautious as a new variant is coming.

Mentioning that those who have passed Omicron are less likely to be infected a second time, Professor. Dr. Acova, “Even if you pass again, you will probably pass with another type of Omicron. So if you get sick with BA.1, you can pass BA.2 again. But the chances are not very high. Of course, since these protective antibodies also Decreases over time, so are you sure you’ll be infected with another version after a while? ” That is why those who are at risk, those who are at risk are at risk of infection. The group, of course, must be protected by a mask, “he said.

The England Study answers the question: 3 or 4 doses

Professor Dr. Regarding vaccination, Acova said: “The vaccine protects you from serious illness, intensive care and death, regardless of the variant. When you pass Omicron, yes, you have a mild illness, but we still don’t know what Kovid will do in the long run. Because we still have no hesitation about the vaccine. So, we have to keep our vaccines as a baseline. By that I mean at least 3 doses of Bioentech 2 doses more than 2 doses of Synovac. Data from countries like Brazil and England which use different types of vaccines like us. By the way, the standard method is mixed vaccination ৷ so (for Turkey) it looks like 2 doses of Synovac 2 doses of Bioentech উপরে on top of that, you can ‘do not achieve higher antibody titers with other doses we have made. Dosage. “

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