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How many times in the capital of how many countries Dwarf and monster war “ It happened, we saw: Baghdad, Kabul, Damascus, Jerusalem, Hanoi in Vietnam, Tripoli, the capital of Libya – we entered on the fourth day. Same in Kiev.

Heaven and earth merged.

Death is raining.

The cities were first damaged by aerial bombardment at four main points: the power stations. The hospital. Military bases. The main bridge of the city. Then came the bombing of the apartment where the civilians lived.

Lean building.

Collapsed floor.

Fragmented porch.

Elementary school children rescued from the rubble of doors, windows, glass, aluminum profiles, iron and concrete have been taken to shelters. A place on the train.

Kyiv is resisting.

How much?

How far?

Despite the superiority of the irresistible firepower, if the Russian army cannot take Kyiv within a week or ten days, it will be activated under Putin’s direction. “Father of bombs” They say it can. America has used it in Afghanistan. Russia could now use a vacuum bomb in Kiev. Working with heat-based pressure, the atomic bomb has effects and A vacuum bomb that evaporates the body of a dead person and bleeds into the lungs of a living person. “ It may rain in Kiev.


Confidence came.

She had an elder, a counselor, a hug and a lover who would protect her from all risks, from all dangers, from all kinds of destruction. Just as a one-year-old child clings to his mother’s faith, he knows Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, and Rome are reliable in Kiev, and clings to them. Kiev West fell in love with a new lover, whose bloodless, knifeless old part was torn from Moscow.

She was worshiping his love.

He was very confident.


They don’t let go.


They do not leave.

He was overwhelmed by the feeling that he would defend Kiev as soon as he lost to Moscow. He believed that with this feeling he would be able to deal with the difficulties of life. She is researching, taking risks, discovering Western values ​​and creating a European life for herself to adapt to her new love. He chose himself as the Prime Minister from the actor of the TV comedy series. Those who are in love with Europe like themselves; For example, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia all joined NATO one by one. Moscow was angry at these cracks, but finally agreed. Western lover, also Moscow European petrol “ Has been done. Europe bought 40 percent natural gas and 25 percent oil from Russia. Also, Russia has become a supplier of natural gas and oil, the lifeblood of all factories around the world. Russia uses the western payment system Swift. Alligators created by Putin’s rogue regime bought football clubs in Europe. In this comfort, here in Kyiv Europe greens, cuisine, farmers andBread basket “ Happened. Ukraine has set its goal of feeding Europe and the Middle East with wheat, corn and sunflower production.


Her love proved false.

Their goal fell apart.

Kiev was left alone.

Ukraine was left alone by Putin’s irresistible firepower, like a child left in a church yard. Putin in Kiev
You are my blood, part of me, you wrong people have fallen in love with the West, you cannot escape to the European Union. They are actually insulting me by cheating and kidnapping you. I’ll grab your hair and pull you back. You either stay with me or become your black world. You will see your day. I will destroy Ukraine. “
He was saying. When she enters the fourth day, Ukraine sinks into the despair of a child abandoned by her parents and there is no one to replace them.


Kyiv is on fire.

Her new love, the West, has left Kiev alone. US President, It will provide 350 350 million in defense assistance to Ukraine to repel Russian attacks. “ It has been explained that other countries of the European Union are also sending arms aid. A dwarf was left alone to defend his love against the monster’s wrath.

Send the gun.

They are watching.

Kyiv “Either you will be mine or your black soil” They threw him in front of his horrible old troublemaker. Turkey has a lesson to learn from this bloody love affair. This course; “Freedom” To go back to his days. Full of freedom; It is a fundamental principle that after the war of independence, Turkey has set a goal of “consolidating national sovereignty, which can exist completely independently and with economic sovereignty without any need”.

Look at the situation in Kiev!

Take your lesson!

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