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Recent News. Performance-based remuneration was implemented by the Ministry of Health in 2003, replacing the basic wage, which is guaranteed by the state. Performance is no longer a determinant of income and wages. With the announcement of the reform package by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Medicine Day on March 14, a legal rule is expected, including a reasonable basic wage system under state guarantee.

The performance-based remuneration system of the IMF and World Bank-backed health transformation programs is being replaced by fixed payments. The system, which is based on the fact that physicians collect points for each procedure they perform, is basically a thing of the past. By changing the remuneration system, the health system will be considered more in the public interest. More tests, more operations, more fees. In short, the system is being replaced by public medicine.

Doctors stopped work on March 14-15-16

The unions are going to a 3 day work stop which will start today. A statement from the health ministry said, “We do not accept the fact that our demands are constantly being reduced for money and are being thrown out to the public. Purpose of action; Bringing an ideal health system in our country where the best health services are provided. We have not given up for our country, we will not give up. We want to give the society its due service and reward it. ”

According to the Aydınlık newspaper; Republican Physicians Group Deputy Chairman. Hikmet Chevic says that the doctor’s remuneration policy is a determining factor in the health system. Dr. প্রধানevik said, “The main function of performance-based compensation was to market the healthcare system. As a side ingredient, performance carrots have been shown by physicians and excessive patients are treated. Remuneration was also based on performance. Performance is now replaced by a solid base charge. Performance payments were already long overdue. Half the hospitals are unable to deliver performance. ”

The quality of health care has declined

Performance based compensation has many problems with it. The demand for health care has increased. Crowds overflow at outpatient clinics and emergency services. Similarly, the number of exams has also increased. According to data released by the Ministry of Health in 2017, Turkey was the country with the highest number of MRIs. More patients reduce test time. The health system has forced doctors to visit one patient every 5 minutes. Shortening the inspection time increases the risk of error. The quality of healthcare has declined. The education and research pillars of the Third Education and Research Hospital and University Hospitals were disrupted. Since more tests means more patients, the time allotted for training of assistant physicians is reduced. New regulations are also important in this case.

Public meldown solution

The change in remuneration will also prevent the loss of doctors in the public sector. Dr. “In the past, the proportion of specialist doctors in the private sector with the public sector was 25 percent,” Sevik said. The masses melted away. The public-private ratio was about 50 percent. When wages are reasonable, the public sector problem will be solved, ”he said.

Protection for physicians

Dr. “Physicians were tried in court as first-class businessmen,” said Hikmet Chevic, summarizing the performance-based payment system. We are now transitioning to the status of a public physician, “he said. Health Minister Fahretin Koka and Justice Minister Becky Bozdag also announced that physicians would be subject to state protection in the event of compensation arising out of practice, such as judges.


9 earnings of the new period

  • Physicians will receive basic fixed wages and lose their performance appraisal.

  • Performance measures will reduce patient stress in the hospital.

  • Violence will be reduced due to patient understanding

  • Imposing performance will reduce the risk of errors

  • Health costs will decrease

  • Universities will be able to devote more time to medical education, which is their main duty.

  • Physicians will be provided with compensatory protection and blood loss will be prevented to the best of their ability.

  • As a result, the quality of healthcare will increase with the reduction of hospital burden

  • It comes with a reasonable retirement pay, suitable for public physician conditions.


Exit ‘this state belongs to all of us’ from doctors

Associations of specialization take care of the pharmaceutical profession with the statements they give. The statement from the organizations called for individual rights and said, “We are the children of this country, this is our motherland.”

A statement issued by the Turkish Surgical Association stressed that the sole desire of physicians is to provide high quality services in a safe environment. The statement included the following statements: “We have worked tirelessly in every corner of our country. We got tired, we got sick, we lost our colleagues, but we never gave up. We have buried our pain and sorrow and continued to provide health care. This country is ours. This land is ours. We are all one, waiting at the door, lying on the operating table, performing operations, providing health services in clinics and polyclinics. What we want is to provide high quality services to our people in a safe environment and of course to reward our efforts by seeing the value we deserve. As the Turkish Surgical Association, we hope to create the necessary legal regulations with our thousands of members and we will follow. But we are broken. We do not bother. Children of this country. We are the real owners. This land is ours. We are deeply involved in this. We’ve always been here, we’re here, we’re not going anywhere. “

‘Regulations should be made immediately’

A statement from the Internal Diseases Specialization Association said, “Although we are forced to work under very difficult financial and ethical conditions, we are not going anywhere. While we continue to carry out our responsibilities responsibly, our expectation from the authorities is to prevent health violence as soon as possible, protect our professional dignity and improve our personal rights.

The Turkish Neurological Specialists Association further said, “As a selfless neurologist, we love our country as true patriots. He is a real child.

A statement from the board of the Clinical Microbiology Specialization Association listed the demands for providing a humane life to physicians, following scientific development and providing a better work environment while providing health services.

A statement from the Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialization Association of Turkey stated that “what we want to emphasize on behalf of our colleagues is that all authorities respect our profession, protect our dignity as physicians and grant us personal rights.”

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