Patients continue to be detained on charges of assault on a doctor

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Ankara Training and Research Hospital neurologist. It was decided to return Yelmen, the patient accused of attacking Ebru Ergin Baker.

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The incident took place on February 22 at the hospital’s Yenimhall polyclinic. There are allegations that in Yelmen’s examination room, Baker sits on his chest and leans his head against the table and the wall. Yelmen, on the other hand, argues that he is the real victim.

Baker and Yelmen testified at the first hearing of the case.

During the interrogation, Baker repeated his first statement.

Headkim: He turned his back and attacked me, I think he was sitting on me

Noting that Yelmen needed a report to be able to prescribe his drugs, Baker continued as follows:

“I tried to enter e-pulse twice but couldn’t. Then the accused ‘How could it be, the family doctor sees it too, how can you not see it?’ Says ‘I can’t connect’ Said his wife calmly asked me what they could do. In this case, all we can do is reconnect to e-Pulse or actually request a report. I also wanted a report. ‘Go home?’ Said me too ‘No need, there is a pharmacy across the street, you can print and bring. Said I offered it because the pharmacy bought it from a different system. First his wife and then the accused left. I opened my screen and started typing diagnosis, opened my prescription screen. By then the door had opened. I saw the accused. At first I thought he had brought the report. My back was turned, suddenly not realizing what was happening, the accused grabbed my head with both hands and hit the table. By then my eyes were dark.

Before I could compose myself, he lifted my head twice more and hit the table again. I tried to hold it on the table for fear. At that time, when the accused dragged me from the back of my head, I fell on the ground along with the chair. I tried to get up with my arms outstretched, but the defendant resisted by pressing his hands on both legs. I think it just sat on me. I couldn’t move. I started to fight with my feet. I screamed too and thought they would hear my voice. As far as I can count he hit my head against the wall five times, holding my head. I no longer had the strength to defend myself and had to surrender. Later the accused said I don’t remember who took it. “

Baker said in a statement that defendant Yelmen, “I’ll do it again, I don’t regret it.” He said he said. Baker reiterated his allegations, saying he did not wait for the accused and said he wanted to join the case.

Accused: To me ‘Who let you in?’ Says

Defendant Yelmen also repeated his statement during the investigation. Yelmen said that while she was waiting to receive the report from her husband’s pharmacy and return, she saw her medicine boxes in the bag in her hand and returned to the room to show them to Baker.

“I have made an appointment at the Ankara Training Hospital Yenimahale to give medicine to the outpatient clinic. I was in the hospital around 10 o’clock. I saw a woman enter the doctor’s room. The doctor followed her as a lady. I tried to enter by knocking on the door. I stretched my head. To me ‘Who let you in?’ So I went back and was told why he was behaving like that. I have ‘Take control of your anger’ They said. Then three patients came. There are the first two. However, when the third one entered, it was time for my appointment. After this person left, I was called and admitted. There was a security lady in the stretcher section. He was also sitting at the table. I told him I wanted to prescribe medicine and I told him the name of my medicine. The doctor said it was a psychiatric drug and he could not prescribe it himself. I said I had a report that it was a neurology drug, not a psychiatric drug.

He asked me if I had a report. I said it was in the system and I don’t have it as a document. He replied that I can’t see it, I don’t have to. Me too ‘Health center doctors also see, why not see’ I asked. ‘You can go to the pharmacy and get the report at the counter. Said I told my wife sitting outside, go and get the report. As he was leaving, I saw a box of medicine in my bag. As soon as you enter the room ‘Why did you enter the room?’ He is angry with me. He did something in the shape of a scratch while trying to take the bag from my hand. When I pulled myself up, the chair lost its balance and fell to the ground because it was a wheel. When our voices were heard, the security guards got up and took me out. I did not hurt the complainant. “

Security guard: He was holding his hair with his feet and chest

Witnesses are heard in the trial.

Defendant’s doctor was on the floor when security guard Sigdam Polat entered the examination room. That he ‘put his feet on your chest and held your hair’ Bola Polat says: “At first he tried to arrest the nurse in charge. Then I intervened. I could barely get him down three times and carry him out, holding his hand behind his back. We gave the doctor lady ice and water. At that time the accused were noticing. ‘I’ll do it again, I’ll kill it again’ He was saying. “

Nurse: She held him by the shoulder.

Nurse Nekla Topkuolu testified as follows: “Security went out of Dr. Baker’s house And He walked towards the dining hall. The accused got up from his seat and rushed towards the doctor’s door. As soon as I entered, I called the security and followed them into the room. The doctor was on the floor when I entered. The accused held the doctor by the shoulder. I tried to attract the lady but couldn’t. Then the security came behind me. The security lady dragged him away. He was followed by another security guard who escorted the accused out. Shocked, I pulled back. The doctor lady was on the ground, friends came and picked her up. Her hair was messy. “

Other witnesses were also heard in the trial.

Defendant’s lawyer: The Ministry of Health should not take part in the case

Defendants’ attorneys demanded the rejection of the application, saying the health ministry did not have the authority to take part in the case. However, the judge rejected the application and accepted the deputy minister at the hearing.

Defendant’s attorneys also objected to Baker’s forensic report. Judge, Baker’s injury ‘Whether it can be corrected by general medical intervention, whether one of the senses and organs has lost its function or is permanently weakened’ He asked to write a referral letter to Ankara City Hospital to get a related report.

The next hearing will be held on April 14.

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