President Erdogan announces: New rules for healthcare workers – last-minute news from Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the March 14 Medicine Day event at the Bestep National Congress and Culture Center.

“This country needs and depends on doctors.”

Noting that Turkey owes both the loyalty and the needs of its doctors, President Erdoan said, “The nation’s most outstanding children are educated in medical faculties, research and training hospitals established by the country with the resources it has grown. From teeth to nails, and most Participates in the public sector. “

“There may be people who send them out instead of staying in their own country.”

Noting that they are always trying to simplify the work of physicians by improving the infrastructure of their work environment and increasing the number of support staff, Erdogan said that Turkish hospital equipment is at a level that is rare in the world. Number and quality terms.

Noting that they have a staff distribution where one out of every three government employees works in the health sector, Erdogan said:

“We believe that every physician in our country should make the most of the fact that they have trained with great sacrifice and patience. Just like in politics, in the business world and in many other cases, there may be people who go abroad instead of having eyes and hearts. In their own country. I have no doubt that those who will work will return to their own country in the very near future, because there are very few countries in the world that have the same potential as us, and so we offer a bright future for people of all professions like us. On behalf of the nation, I would like to express my gratitude to all the physicians who use it to serve them.

New rules for health

Erdogan said he was aware of doctors’ expectations of problems that had not yet been resolved despite efforts, and said he was preparing for a package that would meet expectations for some time to come. .

‘Injury Healthcare Workers Insurance Catalog Crimes’

President Erdoan gave the following information about the main lines of this package:

“Our first good news is that there is a regulation that will definitely address the issue of assault on healthcare workers. The crime of intentionally injuring employees of healthcare institutions and organizations during their duty or due to their duties has been included in the catalog of opportunities.” Through this regulation, penalties are increased in the case of health services to prevent the right to benefit from public services.

“Recover only if desired”

As the Second Gospel, we are establishing a Professional Responsibility Board for Healthcare Professionals. The possibility of opening a criminal investigation due to medical procedures and practices related to examinations, diagnoses and treatments performed by all healthcare professionals within the scope of their professional practice will depend on the permission of this committee. This board will decide whether the compensation paid by the administration to health workers working in government institutions and agencies and state universities due to their practice in this opportunity can be withdrawn. Asylum can be taken only in case of intention. It cannot be administratively and financially responsible for the decisions of the Professional Responsibilities Board. In this way, we can address these two important issues for healthcare professionals. “

“Monthly payment will be paid with a single salary”

The third piece of good news is about the wage control of health workers, Erdogan said, adding that they have made significant improvements in the way health workers are paid and their financial rights. Erdogan says what to do in this context:

“First, certain additional payments to health workers will be included in the central government’s budget and their salaries will be paid along with a single salary. This practice will also be applied to university hospitals.

“Payments made from revolving capital will increase.”

The revolving fund distribution system of the Ministry of Health will be activated so that there is no hospital without revolving funds. Additional resources will be transferred from the central government’s budget to provide efficiency and the additional payments that health workers will make from the revolving fund will be increased.

“Fee improvement will be reflected in pension”

Erdogan said that the improvement in the salaries of health workers would be reflected in their retirement. Will be included in the scope of the index. “

Erdogan said that during the study, the salaries of retired doctors would also be reconsidered.

Increased fees for family physicians

Referring to the fifth good news about family doctors, Erdogan said, “Basic pay for family doctors will also increase.”

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