Sports has long ceased to be a mere sport Marine CIP

I watched the remaining nine matches of GÖZTEPE and Altay.

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Göztepe’s fixtures seem a little more challenging than Altay’s.
The important thing is not to panic, stay calm and go through this time without working …
The cast and quality of both Göztepe and Altay are perfect for doing this.
As long as we want, be united and believe.
I’m not one of those people who sees sports as just a sport.
Sports are the driving force behind the development, growth and change of a city.
Like industry, it has a unified feature.
Moreover, we are now talking about a large industry and economy.
Because of the epidemic, we may not feel full.
But if it matched the time when there was a full stand; We will feel more strongly the contribution it has made to the vitality of city and social life.
The two clubs in Izmir met many years later.
And I don’t want to break this spell.
See, Gazette has a perpetual rival; Corsica …
Corsica is not at all appropriate with his position.
I think the people of Goztep are looking for that old rivalry with Corsica.
For the people of Karşıyaka, the matches they played with Göztepe are probably in a very different place …
This sweet rivalry keeps the city alive, as well as human relations …
So let’s not look at sports and football as 90 minutes.
Especially a city like Izmir that supports amateur sports like professional sports is rare.
The environment of a city is also different from that of watching sports.
Not just the people of Gazette and Altair; Everyone in Izmir should support our two teams in the last 9 games.
Because we know very well that; Going to the Super League is much harder than staying in the Super League.
When you go down in a lower league, both income and interest in the stand go down.
Not just the parties, the CTO is relegated.
Let’s see it and stay with our team.

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Everyone in Fenerbahce
I am talking about Arda Guler

I also enjoyed watching Arda …
And I have noticed many talented young people in Anatolia.
We don’t feel sorry when we give millions of dollars to foreign players; We think a thousand times when allocating resources to invest in the infrastructure needed to build these young people.
We need to reform education.
We need sports schools just as much as we need vocational high schools.
We see sports schools in all exemplary countries and practices that have been successful in sports.
Our young people should read while playing sports, they should not think about how to play sports while reading.
Only then can lasting success come.
Of course I am not against foreign players.
It was nice to see a Haggi, an Alex.
How many Hagi and Alex came to Turkey?
But Ards can come out of us.
Let us be proud of our achievements with our children.
However, let’s plan their careers together with these sports schools.

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I criticize Tilbe but
Let’s talk about information

Singer Ildiz Tilbe told a group of aggressive dogs living on the street, ‘Give them poisonous meat, they will all die’ and Turkey was destroyed. It’s not going to happen …
Then Tilbe came out and apologized, said; “I love animals, but they don’t hurt people. Protect the humble! If it is wrong to apply poison, let them sleep with the needle … “
Of course, the response has increased.
New rules have come about animal rights.
But none of this reflects the reality of Turkey, and everything continues as before.
I have been writing for years.
A realistic campaign will solve this problem which will start all over Turkey.
There is no such thing as a stray animal anywhere in the world.
We need to adopt cats and dogs.
Or to look after them in an appropriate way.
There is one more truth.
The association, the foundation and all the platforms working on this issue should also talk when the time and place come. For example, last week, we lost a young man because they were afraid of dogs, one of them in critical condition …
In Antalya, 9-year-old Mahra Melin Pinar was injured when she was hit by a truck while fleeing from a dog; First his right leg was amputated above the knee. “My daughter’s condition has worsened,” said father Murat Pinar. He is breathing hard even with the machine, ”he said. We pray for Pınar.
Two days ago, a university student named Rabia Kalli was killed when she was hit by a car while fleeing from a dog in Isparta.
I follow again.
No statement came from any association, I did not read it.
As an animal lover who has a dog at home, I remind you again.
Turkey must take urgent and urgent action in this regard.
I said, we have to take realistic and firm steps.

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Let the spring cut like spring

We said spring is coming after this winter, but the weather report says the opposite. The weather will be warm in the next few days, but the cold spell will start again. Snow is also expected.
Like winter, winter is over again. Let spring be her spring.
Because the Aegean springs are really beautiful.

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