Syrian child – Mahmoud Assad Kirak

As long as they are in Turkey, the Syrians will never fall off the country’s agenda. Of course, in this article, we will try to solve a problem that I think is more important than Syrians in general, such as Syrian children.

Children are the most innocent creatures in every war. It is very important that they get an education, but they need to be tested frequently to see how they are educated in Turkey.

On this occasion, I would like to tell you an incident that I personally felt …

When I was in my final year of university, I joined a class to teach at the school where I did my internship. First, I chatted and met in class so that I could overcome my unprofessionalism and overcome my excitement. But when it was the turn of the two students sitting in the back row of the class, I realized they didn’t understand me. Then, other students tell me that two of my students were Syrian.

The first problem here is that a student who cannot speak Turkish entered the class. Later, I learned that those students were trying to learn Turkish in an open school course or in a private course. Since they were still in high school, they send their families to school thinking that “even if they don’t understand, at least the process of learning Turkish will be accelerated”.


The lesson is over and I realize that my two previous students were playing in the garden with their 8-10 friends during the holidays. Although they did not know Turkish. Then, since they couldn’t play games with the Turkish students, as you might guess, these students were all Syrian students in different classes.

The second problem occurs here. If you take students who do not speak Turkish to class, they will naturally group with friends who do not know or know little Turkish. When Turkish students call them “Syrians” and when Syrian students call them “Turkish”, the school is divided.

Don’t take what I say lightly … if they don’t get a good education it becomes a big problem. When someone calls you “Syrian” all the time, it naturally raises your national consciousness.

Nationalism, which is not supported by education, has given rise to terror throughout history.

Well, now let’s come to the presence of Syria in Hatay, which is the most important thing of the last day …

Considering the birth rate, it is very possible that Syrians live in the school where I work and Turkish students live in Hatay.

The sad thing about this job is that this country is as halal as the white milk of the mother of Turkish students. If this were the case with Hatay in particular and Turkey in general, we would unfortunately develop into the phrase “weird in my homeland, dressed in my homeland”.

You put every Syrian student in the classroom without teaching the language,

You allow each Syrian student to group and split,

Every Syrian student who has been called a “Syrian” since childhood,

It grows with hatred, disgust, greed. The biggest responsibility here falls on education and of course on the government.

Why does the Ministry of National Education not implement an integration program for Syrian students? Or do they think that learning Turkish will be enough for the integration process? Although they don’t know much about it, the organizers know better than I do that seminars aimed at “let friends see it when they shop” are ineffective.

But do you think the media is enough in this case?

Instead of putting academics or politicians on television as “experts” on Syrians, let me see your heart come out with four different teachers from four different regions of Turkey where Syrians are densely populated. Listen to the clashes between Turkish and Syrian students …

I wonder if you see the matter as you think?

Never, never forget: everything starts with educating children. You are responsible for what happens if you don’t read it!

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