The biggest victims of the Ukraine war are children Sedat ERGIN

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In today’s article, let’s focus on the human reality of war and the great human drama on the field.

If the picture that emerges before us during the war is an absolute truth that needs not be discussed, it is that Russia carried out a brutal attack without distinction between civilians and soldiers, resulting in the deaths of millions of people. Trying to flee their country to save their lives.

Mom At the shelter Your baby Over False, because …

Pictures often seen on television news and social media posts show elderly people, women and children trying to escape the harsh winter with their bags and suitcases, filling train stations and walking on the streets.

Although most of the men stayed behind to resist the aggressive Russians, their wives and children took refuge in neighboring countries desperate to save themselves.

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One of the images that fascinated me most as I prepared this article yesterday was the spokesperson for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). James ElderThere was a video showing him with an elderly woman on the street as he tried to take his young granddaughter away from the battlefield to a love affair.

LargeThe old woman was pushing the car with a strong determination to save her grandson from the war, saying that it was difficult for him to keep up with the pace. In this way he crossed many kilometers and reached the Polish border.

We will always remember this battle with these pictures in the future. The women and their children who took refuge in the subway will not easily leave our minds. A UNICEF spokeswoman described the situation that affected her in her conversations with women living on the subway, “she said.Mothers of childrenIn TopFame They are right lies. Don’t do it to warm them up but against the bombs Above them They say they do it to be extra shields“He says.

Within a week One million, Three Add to this day 500 thousand refugees

More than 65 years after World War II, we are witnessing the biggest refugee crisis in Europe. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is Italian Filippo Grandi, In his statement, “I have been dealing with the refugee crisis for 40 years. I have rarely seen a mass immigration movement that developed so fast. Every hour, every minute, more and more people are fleeing the horrific reality of violence.“She says.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on Thursday, February 24. Exactly one week has passed, and according to the official statement of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on March 3, the number of people fleeing Ukraine and taking refuge in neighboring countries has exceeded 1 million.

The UNHCR announced three days later that the number had reached 1.5 million the day before (March 8). The number of people leaving the country has increased by another five lakh in three days.

The number rose to 1.7 million on the daily update table of the same company’s social media account yesterday afternoon. The number has risen to another 200,000. Perhaps, when this article is published today, we will encounter an image above it.

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Of course, these figures only refer to Ukrainians who took refuge in neighboring countries. Also mentioned are the countless people who have fled their homes due to the war.Within the country No placesTirmis PersonThe condition of those who are there.

We can at least assume that if the war does not end and the humanitarian corridors are opened, the Ukrainian migrants we have quoted in today’s article will seem very small to us in the coming days and weeks.

COUNTRY Abandonment Those Half a child

It goes without saying that the group we have described by the war situation is especially children. On Thursday, when the number of people leaving the country was announced as 1 million, UNICEF announced that 500,000 refugees, half of this total, were children.

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In this case, since the number of asylum seekers in the neighboring country was 1 million 700 thousand until yesterday, the total number of these children must have reached close to 850 thousand.

All schools across the country are closed due to the war. When UNICEF put the total number of children in the country at 7.5 million, it was announced that 5.7 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 were affected by the war.

The post-war trajectory will determine how many Ukrainian children who are deprived of schooling can continue their education in their own country and how many of them can continue their education if they become accustomed. Their new life in the country where they immigrated.

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Children are among those killed in the Russian bombings. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its latest report yesterday that the total number of civilians killed in the Russian attack was 364. Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine Lyudmila DenisovaThe number of children who died the day before was announced as 36.

UNICEF, “Children HeShooting, ThreeThe children are injured‘Fight,’ he shouted7.5 million children3Flour life And in terms of their well-being An urgent and growing threat“And we call on everyone to help meet the needs of children living in war situations.”

SIAcross 12 Millions IHelp you IHe was born

The UN aid agency OCHA has already put the number of people in need of assistance at 12 million due to the war. Considering that Ukraine’s population exceeds 44 million, so far, one out of every four people living in the country needs assistance.

If the military operation continues like this, the number of people affected by the war is expected to reach 18 million. The OCHA estimates that the number of internally displaced people could reach 6.7 million.

When we consider the results of these figures quoted in terms of human life, we see how quickly a humanitarian tragedy is spreading across the whole of Ukraine.

The worst affected will be the children whose future direction is already uncertain. Many do not know if they will meet again. Just like they don’t know if they will ever return home. Very few will probably remember anything from what they experienced today. Older people will carry the horrors of this war for the rest of their lives.

We can also see the war from this window …

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