The book ‘Anne Frank’s Betrayal’ has been withdrawn from the market in a new search

  • Yusuf Ozkan
  • The Hague, Netherlands

Formula, Getty Images

Claiming that Arnold van den Berg, a Jewish notary from Amsterdam, had betrayed Anne Frank and his family, one of the symbols of the Holocaust during World War II, the book was confiscated by a Dutch publisher.

Publisher Ambo Anthos has decided to stop selling the book on Tuesday evening after a team of historians made a report criticizing the results of “The Anne Frank Betrayal”.

The Dutch publisher, who again apologized to the public for the book, announced that, based on reports from historians, they immediately decided to withdraw the book from the market and reprint it.

An international team of cold cases has conducted a previous study using modern techniques to find the answer to the question of who reported the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family in Amsterdam.

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