The fitness industry has transformed into an economy of 850 million lira

Orhan Orhun Unal

The fitness centers, which used to be divided into small shops in the vicinity, have now become a huge 850 million lira economy. The sector, which has reached 2 billion lira, including its equipment and food products, also has its trainers earning 10,000 lira or even 10,000 lira per month. According to the Deloitte European Health & Fitness Market 2015 report, an estimated 1.7 million people go to the gym in Turkey, one of the two fastest growing (20 percent) markets with Russia. Membership is about 150 TL per month and 2 thousand TL per year.

Plaza man new business

The report draws attention to Turkey’s development performance in the European market, which increased by 5.5 billion euros over the previous year and reached 25 billion euros. The number of our gymnasiums is about 1,700, and it is expected to reach 2,000, including working under the stairs. In addition to the newly opened shopping malls, large and small sports halls are included in the housing projects and when the young population is added, Turkey becomes the first address for foreign investors. Even with the numbers like this, we are entering a strong entry into the sector with two sets of deep breaths.

Monthly fee 140 TL

Some of us like these places saying ‘I have a life at work and home’, some of us say ‘let the weight go’ and some of us say ‘healthy life’. The competition and promotion of the companies is also increasing. Focusing on the rapid growth of the Turkish market, Peter Wright, CEO of Mars Sportive, said they would set up 20 more facilities with an annual investment of 55 million TL. Wright added that they have reduced prices up to 55 TL by removing some services in their sector with 3 different brands.

2 million euro investment in 2 thousand square meters

Cities in Anatolia are the new favorite of companies. We have learned that 2 million euros will have to be sacrificed for the benefit of 2 thousand square meters. These places include private lessons, cafe environment, pool, VIP lounge; When you say yoga, zumba and rumba classes, it becomes a habitat in itself. Experts point out that the more you appeal to the lives of urban people trapped in plazas and shopping malls, the more your membership will grow. For this reason, the annual fee for the gym can reach up to 5,000 lira, depending on its comfort, surroundings and service.

Leasing and license open

In addition to the great benefits, we see that boutique salons are becoming more widespread nowadays. This trend, which started in districts like Sihangir and Nishantashi, has spread to many districts. Most entrepreneurs who rent an apartment or a suitable store are athletes, others rent a coach’s license and get a business permit. Amir Yদিldজz, who runs a salon in Istanbul Messiadeko, says they work with two trainers at the place he opened 3 years ago with an investment of 20,000 lira. We learned from Yıldız, who shared that they do not fall below 30 students per month, and that he earns 15,000 lira in the maximum season and 8,000 lira in the winter. Yıldız, who shared that the demand has grown mainly due to the spread through the Whisper newspaper, added that private lessons are a fashionable activity, especially for those above a certain income level.

Favorite professional fitness instructor

On the other hand, fitness coaching employed in these halls has emerged as a lucrative and popular profession. The story of Oman Amexis, a private fitness instructor who started at the age of 17 as both a health and a hobby, now continues professionally. Retirement, sports, training and exercise are different things and draws attention to one thing: “Fitness is not considered a complete sport. By definition, physical fitness can be defined as the state of being fit and healthy and the activity performed for it. Purpose. ” Amexis explained that the profession has come a long way with increasing awareness of the subject. Today, he says, professional services that support a variety of purposes such as healthy living, supportive treatment for posture problems such as humping, weight gain and weight loss. As our conversation progressed, he shared that the industry he has been in for 12 years has evolved in terms of strategy and consciousness.

Standardization and audit conditions

We have learned that the profession has no value. Recalling that in a market where the number of gyms and trainers is increasing day by day, especially the need for supervision, Amexis has drawn attention to the importance of opening special departments and specialization in universities. Emeksiz says, “First of all, two things should be considered: certification and experience,” and explains that increasing awareness in the sector, which reaches more people with the development of the Internet, is essential for health.

Provides instant coaching certificates online

Gyms are also a source of employment. Along with trainers, administrators and other staff, it became a source of income for thousands of people. On the other hand, titles like sports coaching, trainer, coaching are also increasing. If an instructor wants to give a private lesson, the salon takes a certain percentage. It totally depends on your bargaining. Some instructors pay a lower percentage by promising to bring in more people, while others charge a commission per student who brings them. On the internet, you can get a coaching certificate with short distance education. Experts warn citizens about this problem, and draw attention to the importance of inspections and certifications. In our country there is no standard in this regard.

Private lessons are লি 100 in Bayrampaşa and লি 500 in Etiler

Gone are the days when sports academy graduates waited to become teachers in the KPSS ranks. Sports and fitness training has become a lucrative line of business for the growth and demand of the industry. Instructors offer individual lessons at a cost of 100 to 300 TL per hour. Prices vary according to the reputation of the instructor, hall and course. For example, don’t be tempted by a trainer who has set foot in high society or itilers and made a name for himself. Although there are dozens of students and especially famous names in the list of these people, the hourly wage has reached 500 lira. Bayrampaşa in a shopping mall gym, 100 lira per hour. In a small living room nearby, enough to pay 100 lira per month.

The most developing country is Turkey

According to the European Health and Fitness Market 2015 report, Turkey attracts the attention of foreign fitness brands. Turkey is the fastest growing market among 48 countries. 1.3 of the Russian population; 2.3 percent of our country goes to saloons. Although we cannot be a country like Norway with a membership rate of 19.6 percent, the market is growing rapidly as the young population comes to the rescue of this sector.

Largest in Europe and the United States

While the global fitness industry is worth about 85 billion euros, it has reached 100 100 billion, including sports food and equipment. Europe, the largest market, reached € 25 billion in 2014, an increase of € 5.5 billion. England 5.1; Germany has an area of ​​4.7 billion euros and Italy 3.7 billion euros. The USA, on the other hand, is the world’s second largest market with 16.9 billion euros.

  1. Global size 85 billion euros
  2. – USA 16.9 billion euros
  3. -England 5.1 billion euros
  4. -Germany 4.7 billion euros
  5. -Italy 3.6 billion euros

Two field games a week is enough

We remind you again that fitness is not just a sport. As our personal point of view: “You pay ten lira per person and go to astroturf games twice a week, you break a sweat on the grass and meadows. You drop your pressure every time you fight without any mischief. With all our might, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this week we have the weight of finishing our news practice: “Well done Arhan, this was very strong news.” FacebookClick to follow

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