The Parliamentary Health Commission discusses the law on the personal rights of health workers.

According to the Anadolu Agency;

Parliament (AA) – Discussions on amendments to the Turkish Penal Code and the full passage of some laws, including the Prevention of Violence against Women and the Personal Rights of Healthcare Workers, which operates as a subcommittee on health, family, labor and social affairs in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The committee is done.

The commission, chaired by Recep Akdag, chairman of the Commission on Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs, is a subcommittee that deals with amendments to the Turkish Penal Code and some legislation.

All organizations and organizations fight against violence within the framework of the Zero Tolerance Policy and they are against all forms of violence, Aqdag stressed, adding that violence against women is a crime against humanity.

Giving information about the measures taken to prevent violence against women and healthcare professionals, Akdag said, “Despite all the measures taken, the incidents of health violence are not completely over, it is a situation that negatively affects the future of healthcare services. The law should also contribute to this issue.” I believe it was created for that purpose. ” Says

The method was discussed after Akdag’s speech. The whole proposal was then adopted by a vote in paragraphs 8, 9, 13, 14, 15.

Informing the commission as a bidder, AK Party Ankara Deputy Lutfiye Selva Kam said that it was the common duty of all societies, especially the states, to prevent violence against women.

Noting that violence against women continues despite measures taken internationally and nationally, Kam said, “We have taken many measures to embrace positive discrimination, accelerate women’s rights, strengthen women’s social status and visibility, and prevent all forms of violence.” Against violence. ” Used phrases.

Emphasizing that significant progress has been made in the field of health during the AK Party government, Kam said:

“As available information reveals that health care workers, especially physicians, are at risk for exposure to violence and / or compensation, healthcare professionals need to provide health care to our people. Safe without physical, emotional or physical harm.” We have created this bill to protect all healthcare professionals, eliminating the risks they face, in part or in full, so that our people can benefit from regular healthcare, as it demonstrates the need to completely eliminate violence against women in our country. Effective legislation is needed to ensure that many measures are taken. We have carried out our work with caution, taking into account the sensitive nature of violence against women, my nation’s highest level of consent. “

Deputy Health Minister Halil Eldemir said that violence in health is considered a major threat to the world and a very important factor that threatens effective patient care.

Expressing that health care professionals and doctors face physical and verbal violence, LDM said, “Our government has taken many measures and continues to prevent violence in terms of health workers working at a higher level. Motivation in a safe environment and quality health care in health facilities Violence is studied with zero tolerance for the belief that violence is unacceptable. ” He said.

– “The proposal is far from an understanding that will solve or reduce the problem”

CHP Zonguldak Deputy Ünal Demirtaş said that the problem of health workers and violence against women are two unresolved issues that have been waiting to be resolved for many years.

Demirtas said that although some of the articles in his proposal contained flaws in the legal strategy, they considered it a positive step that the issue had been included in the agenda of Parliament.

“The proposed law was intended to increase the resistance to violence against health workers and to facilitate the arrest of perpetrators of violence against women and to increase fines. However, it is not possible to prevent, prevent violence and solve the problem. And without comprehensive measures to address psychological factors, it is not possible to completely prevent and resolve or reduce violence against both healthcare professionals and women.

HDP Izmi’s deputy Spiral Kemalbe Pekgozegu criticized the fact that the proposal did not address the issue of violence against women in the commission.

Pekgozegu stressed that women’s organizations and opponents should be heard at the commission’s proposal stage and that their proposals be included in the bill. There is no clear definition of homicide, and at the same time it is said that the punishment will be halved if the victim’s wife and divorced wife are part of it. Criticized her.

Ismail Tamar, a deputy for the Kayseri party, who Pekgojegur reacted to the use of the word “Kurdistan” in his speech, demanded that the word “Kurdistan” be removed from the minutes.

Regarding Pekgojegu’s controversial statement, Akdag said, “As chairman of the commission, I have made it clear that I do not accept or reject this statement.” Says

In his speech, Fikret Shahin, deputy head of CHP Balikesi, criticized Aqdag about the city’s hospital, saying, “My medical friends are declaring you as the most unpopular minister in the history of the republic.” Used phrases. Akdag reacted to Sahin because he spoke about himself, not the proposal.

Akdag criticized CHP Kutahya deputy Ali Fazil Kasap for sharing a video on his social media account, which included his own speech, during the exam, without permission. At Akdag’s request, the butcher, Akdag’s social media account, said, “If the Ministry of Health violates the examination time, we have the Deputy Minister of Health here, please, as the chairman of the Health Commission, they should fix it.” She shared a new video with her expression.

After discussing the entire bill in the commission, it was decided to meet at 11:30 am today to discuss the paragraphs.

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