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Confident, strong, aesthetic

Kaori Sakamoto, who presented her series with the song “Now We’re Free” from the Gladiator movie, started her series with a clean double axle. He did the linked triple flip / triple tollup jump in the second part of his program. However, he stood up to the height of the second jump of the link and once again showed that he is a strong skater. Performing his turns in step sequence and high difficulty, Sakamoto scored a total of 80.32 points, including 43.25 technical points and 37.07 component points, reaching the highest individual score of the season. The Japanese skater, who could not believe his score, went to the screen and saw his score repeatedly and was happy for the audience.

Hendrix second, Bell third

Loena Hendrix, who has had a very successful season this year, starting with the Grand Prix race to the 8th Olympics and the European Championships, has once again presented a successful series. The Belgian athlete, who took the track as the last skater in the short program, finished second in the World Championship Short Program, similar to the European Championship Short Program. Hendrix was able to maintain his glide, although he had a slight balance problem on his way out of his linked Triple Lutz / Triple Tolup as his first jump. Competing with groin injuries, the athlete was able to present his program clearly and beautifully and was in second place with a total of 75.00 points, 40.52 tactics and 34.48 elements.

Maria Bell of the United States started her program with a triple flip / triple toluep connection. Link’s Bell’s second jump, missing a quarter turn of his triple toluep, continues his program with a double axle and a triple lute. With a score of 38.67 technical and 33.88 component points, Skater finished the short program in third place with a total of 72.55 points.

Wakaba Higuchi, the only skater to have tried Triple Axel

It was speculated that four skaters might try Triple Axel in today’s short program. Among these skaters, Japanese Mana Kawabe, Korean Young Yu and American Alyssa Liu did not try Triple Axel and started their program with Double Axel. These skaters practiced Triple Axel during the week-long training, but did not find the stability they wanted. Therefore, they did not want to take the risk of competition and preferred to present a safe series. Japanese Wakaba Higuchi tried Triple Axel, but was found to be undecided when it came to Triple Axel. As a result, both doubles jumped and lost points at the end of the jump.

Why is there so much talk about Triple Axel, what is its significance?

Triple Axel is relatively new and not mandatory for women’s ice skating. Most ice skating lovers know that the axle jump is the only forward jump, so it is described as the hardest jump due to the half turn. The base point value of the double axle is 3.30. Triple Axel’s base point value is 8.00. This difference in points is what drives female skaters to practice and show more triple axes in competition. However, the difficulty of jumping and the high risk of falling require careful calculation of the score. Because in the case of such a fall, it is possible to lose from the base score to -5. It is also important to forget the penalty points deducted from the total score as a result of the fall. So, when you try Triple Axel, which you can’t consistently score, in competition, you can lose more points than you expected. All of these calculations affect whether female skaters with triple axles in their collection will try triple axles in competition.

During the free program, when skaters do not get the desired result from a jump, they can change the following jumps according to the rules and compensate for some points lost from the wrong jump. (Here, let us emphasize that the number of jumps and the number of repetitions of jumps are guaranteed in the free program, and no jumps can be corrected randomly.) Could try to give. In fact, Korean Hein Lee, who was seen throwing Triple Axel during training on weekdays, could be added to these names and join the Triple Axel Caravan in the free program. During the free program on Friday evening we will be able to find out how these possibilities are implemented.

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