Uzfalusi – Torrent Review by TRT Spore

Uzfalusi, who won the Super League Championship in Galatasaray in the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons, made a statement about management in the Czech capital, Prague.

The Czech footballer said he was following the yellow-and-red team, adding: “I don’t get a chance to watch all the matches, but sometimes I do. Every team can go through such bad times after a successful season. Many new players have joined the team, and most importantly. Fernando Muslera, one of the players, has been out for a long time due to his injury. ” However, I think Galatasaray will recover and take part next season. In the race for the championship. “

Thomas Uzfalusi, ranked 15th in Galatasaray, 30 weeks behind with 38 points in the Super League, when asked if he would be in danger of deportation, said Galatasaray could not be relegated. Replied.

– “Torrent must add quality to this team”

Uzfalusi noted that he thinks Domenech Torrent, who was hired as coach after his breakup with Fatih Terim in Galatasaray, will succeed.

“I know Torrent. I know he’s worked for a club before. I’ve talked to Albert Riera, Torrent’s assistant. I think Dominic Torrent will add value to the team,” said Thomas Uzfalusi. Expressed.

The 43-year-old footballer, who assessed the parting ways with Fatih Terim, who worked with him while playing for the Yellow-Red team, said: “It can happen in football. When teams like Galatasaray don’t get it. Fatih Terim has quit his job many times before. He has won the championship again since his return. ” He said.

– “I can’t forget the match at Fenerbahce”

Stressing that he could not forget the two matches he played with Fenerbahce in his first season in Galatasaray, Uzfalusi said: “I cannot forget the first derby we played at home with Fenerbahce and we won 3-1. We got very good. Of course the result. “We can’t forget the match we won at the Fenerbah Stadium. It was great. It was an atmosphere.” Used expressions.

Thomas Uzfalusi, “Galatasaray lost to Fenerbahce in 2020 after many years. Do you want to take the field in that derby?” “If we win a game, I definitely want to be on the field. Derby is always special and different.” He replied.

“We had a good team.”

Explaining that he had a good team when he played for Galatasaray, the Czech footballer said: “We had a great goalkeeper. Philippe Mello and Seluk Inan were very good in midfield. Barros, Johan Elmander, Emanuel Ebo and Albert Rira were also very good. We had a good team. ” He commented.

“Nelson is still a young footballer. He can improve himself. Marcao’s standards are already clear. Semih Kaya. We are also happy for him for a while,” said Uzfalusi. I have contacted him before. I hope Semih will get another chance to play at Galatasaray. ” Used expressions.

– “I would be happy if Turkey tour passes”

Thomas Uzfalusi says both teams have equal chances in the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers play-off tour semifinal away match, which will be played tomorrow against Portugal.

“We are watching Turkish footballers play for European standard teams. Turkey also has quality footballers. Portugal has its own special qualities. Everything is possible. We will do it. See, I will be happy if the tour of Turkey passes,” Uzfalusi said. Evaluated her.

– “I don’t plan to be a coach”

Noting that he had devoted most of his time to his daughter after quitting football, Thomas Uzfalusi concluded his remarks thus.

“After leaving football, I decided to be my daughter’s real father. My daughter was born while I was playing in Italy and I couldn’t give her much time. I came back to my country and got a chance to get better. My daughter’s father. A commentator for the channel. Also, the Czech Republic 20-year-old “I work for six national football teams. I do not plan to become a coach in the future. However, being a sports director should be a good option. “

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