Zelensky’s call to Russian parents

Referring to the peace talks in his speech, Zelensky said, “Ukraine has always wanted a peaceful solution. Now we are more interested in peace. Because we are Ukrainian and human life is precious to us.”

Addressing the Ukrainian and world public opinion every day due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky issued a statement on the 24th day of the invasion. In his speech, Zelensky spoke of the success of the Ukrainian army in countering the attacks on the Russian city of Chornobyvka. We respond to the huge number of equipment and troops sent to the country with skill and courage. Therefore, for example, the war Chornobaivka will go down in history. It was a place where the Russian army and its commanders showed themselves perfectly. Our army has destroyed the invaders six times near Chornobyvka. Six times! And they’re still there, “he said.

Referring to the Russian attack on Mariupol, Ukraine, Zelensky described the attacks as war crimes. With support, the more Russia uses terrorism against Ukraine, the worse the consequences will be, “he said.

“Don’t pay a single dollar to a Russian military vehicle to kill our people.”

In addition, in his speech, Zelenskiy recalled that he had addressed the Swiss parliament today and recommended that Swiss companies not do business with the Russians. “All Swiss companies that have not yet left the Russian market should do so immediately. They should not pay a single dollar, franc or euro for a Russian military vehicle to kill our people. Thus, those who are responsible for the war against our state.” There should be life in Switzerland, there should be housing in Switzerland and there should be Swiss banks. Don’t enjoy it, “he said.

“More than 14,000 troops have already been killed.”

In his remarks, Zelensky said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had so far killed more than 14,000 Russian soldiers and called on Russian parents. “Our armed forces continue to repel the enemy in all areas. Russian troops have suffered unprecedented losses. Some units of the invaders have been destroyed 80-90 percent. Especially in areas where heavy fighting has taken place. , And no one can take these corpses. They attack. New units are being led. Some keep it a secret that the command of Russian troops is assembled wherever possible. Bombs. But I want to ask the citizens of Russia. Son, mother and father, does that mean anything to you? More than 14,000 of your soldiers have already been killed. 14,000 mothers. They are 14,000 fathers. Relatives and friends. There will be more victims if this war continues. Don’t you understand ?? ” Recorded his statement.

In his public speech, Zelensky also provided information on civilians evacuated from Ukraine’s humanitarian corridors, saying “eight humanitarian aid corridors were operated on Saturday. 6,623 people were rescued. Ukrainians were evacuated from Bervitia, Bucha and Bogdanovka to breweries.” People from Lysichansk, Popasna, Severodonetsk and Rubijn in the Luhansk region were evacuated. More than 4,000 Mariupol residents were able to reach Zaporizhia Unfortunately, humanitarian assistance has returned to the cities in the Kherson region “Russian troops are blocking our movement,” he said.

“Ukraine has always wanted a peaceful solution”

At the same time, Zelensky said he had a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron during his speech, “I spoke to Macron today. I am sure you understand that negotiations are not easy and pleasant. Wants a peaceful solution. Now with peace. “We are more interested in that. Because we count everyone killed. Because for us, every family means destruction, every family means destruction. Because we are Ukrainian and a human life. It is invaluable for us, ”he said. (UAV)

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