101. Anniversary of the murder of Talat Pasha! Son of a murderer: My father lied!

E. KUR. ALB. ASOC Dr. Om Lutfi Tasioglu

Occupying forces accused some of the rulers of the occupied Ottoman Empire of collaborating with Germany in World War I. Talat Pasha started living in Berlin. The Armenian terrorist organization Nemesis, which followed Talat Pasha; He hired a terrorist named Soghoman Tehlirian to assassinate Talat Pasha. On March 15, 1921, Tehlirian shot Talat Pasha in the head in the middle of a street in Berlin, and he was captured and handed over to German police.

In the so-called trial conducted in the Berlin court, the murderer Tehlirian; He said his family had been forcibly immigrated, his parents had been killed with firearms during the immigration, his sister had been raped, his mother wanted him to take revenge on her family from Talat Pasha in a dream at night and he killed her. . For this reason, Talat Pasha said.

Although many people who had nothing to do with the incident, even priests brought from Manchester, were made to testify in court on behalf of the killer, the wife of Talat Pasha and General Bronsart von Schleindorf, who knew the immigration process very well because he was one. The commander of the Turkish army, despite being on the witness list, was not prepared to testify, and a German court acquitted the killer Tehlirian.

The release of Tehlirian after the massacre encouraged the Armenians, who saw the massacre unanswered and paved the way for a series of genocides by other Ottoman rulers. On December 6, 1921, Sait Halim Pasha, a former Grand Uzzier, was shot dead in Rome. On April 17, 1922, Bahatin Shakir, a politician, and Semal Azmi, a former Trojan governor, were shot dead in the middle of a Berlin street. The assassinations took place after the assassination of Semal Pasha in Tbilisi on July 25, 1922, and almost all the statesmen who served in the Ottoman administration during the forced immigration were eliminated within a year.

Since 1973, 31 Turkish diplomats have been killed by Armenian terrorists. The Armenians were not satisfied with the heinous killing of innocent people and began to erect statues of the killers. Eventually a statue of the severed head of Talat Pasha was erected under the feet of the murderous Tehlirian in Armenia.

The boy confirmed his father’s lie

Tehlirian’s son, who made a statement in Germany’s Suduche Zeitung newspaper in San Francisco 95 years after Talat Pasha’s assassination, said his father was a murderer and a liar. He has not yet been forcibly deported, and he has not yet been forcibly deported. He further explained that he had gone to Serbia and then to Russia to earn money before leaving, and that Tehlirian’s mother and father had been killed during the forced deportation.

Son Tehlirian, who wanted to keep his identity secret because he feared the Armenian state and Armenian expatriates would harm him, said he did not realize that his father, who was a murderer and liar, was accepted as a hero. By Armenia.

On the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Talat Pasha, Professor of the University of Cyprus. Dr. Ata Atun, Dr. Maxim Gwynn and E. Kur. alb assoc. Dr. A panel was held with the participation of Ömer Lütfi Taşçıoğlu. The video link of the panel in question has been uploaded on YouTube under the headline “Remembering Talat Pasha and Beginning of Terrorist Assassination”:

To announce the event

The German video murder, which turned Berlin’s courtroom into a theater where Talat Pasha, the victim and the Turkish state he represented, was tried instead of Talat Pasha’s killer, and the Armenian state and Armenian expatriates who continue to bless the killer. And I hope that this will help the countries that support them to lower their voices a little bit. Of course, if there is any feeling of shame.

I further believe that the video will strengthen the position of Turks living abroad, especially against those who make unjust accusations against themselves and the great Turkish nation.

In this context, I would like to remind you that it is important for the video to be spread in Turkey and abroad as much as possible and for viewers to write English comments at the bottom of the video. The Turks in Turkey and abroad have a big responsibility in this regard. Because it is clear that the Armenian Diaspora and its supporters will resort to all means, including writing negative comments, to hide the information published in this video from the public and to prevent the video from being viewed.

In fact, Mr. Nekati Saigili did not immediately release the English comment below YouTube’s video. Also, the Armenian Diaspora and Armenians urge YouTube to remove these videos by creating false documents and showing hate crime videos as if the Turks are committing hate crimes against Armenians, and YouTube removes the mentioned videos without examining them. It is possible that the Armenians who erected the statue of Talat Pasha’s killer and committed the heinous crime by placing the severed head of the slain Talat Pasha under their feet, blamed the Turks for their own heinous crime, claiming and attempting a heinous crime for this video. Ban the video. However, if the number of positive comments reaches 100, it will not be easy for them to ban the video and hide the positive comments. The video, which has been viewed by 500 people so far, has been viewed by more patriots, who commented that it would be easier for the world to see the truth.

On the other hand, I find it useful to translate this video promotional text into another language and to spread these languages ​​to the spoken countries and to prepare subtitles in Turkish, French, German and other languages. Video. For this, the friends of the countries where these languages ​​are spoken have to try a little.

While paying tribute to the great statesman Talat Pasha, who was the victim of a heinous murder, on his 101st death anniversary, I remind you again that the Turkish nation has the power to raise more Talat Pasha and the right voice of the Turkish nation. The assassination cannot be stopped. I offer my condolences to the Turkish nation.

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