A story like a movie … Twin children born for surrogate mother trapped in Kiev, American parents desperate …

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The war in Ukraine has affected the lives of a couple living in the United States in an unexpected way … Last week, Alexander Specter, 46, and his wife, Irma Nunez, 48, spent every day in Ukraine following the latest news and reading their messages. They wake up at 5am and don’t hold their phone for a second until they fall asleep again.

We hear you say, “The whole world is following the news of the war.” But Alexander and Irma have many more personal reasons: the couple chose surrogacy for the child, and the man who is pregnant with their twin children lives in Kiev.

There were still seven weeks left until the babies were born and delivered to the family. Meanwhile, Russian forces were advancing on Kiev.

Through the incoming call he encounters the wonder of his life

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Just as the battle was about to begin, an unexpected video call came to Alexander Specter’s phone. Specter stared at his screen and did not recognize the number.

“At first I didn’t understand the situation when I saw the face of a young woman who looked a little drunk,” said Specter. When asked who he is, Specter replies, “You have two beautiful sons.”

On February 25, the twins were born prematurely. Despite the premature birth, the twins were healthy, but there were many more serious and unimaginable problems; The town where they were born was in the middle of the war.

“It felt like a schizophrenic experience,” Specter said, while Nunez said, “It was the longest week of our lives.”

Nunez and Specter are now trying to find a way to bring their children home, the birth of a Ukrainian mother, as embassies close, military vehicles block roads, ambulances are evacuated to the battlefield, and the Russian capital is invaded.

Special medical transport is required for the release of children

It is very important that the twins Lenny and Moishe are kept in intensive care of the newborns because they are born prematurely. At the same time, twins need a special medical transport to be reunited with their families.

“Doctors in Kiev told us that the children would have to stay in the hospital for at least four more days before being transferred to another regional clinic away from the conflict,” Nunez said.

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Doctors do not think that it is still appropriate for a newborn to have a transplant journey. The primary goal of the family is to take their child to a safe city in Ukraine or Poland. Of course, this must be a special journey that requires medical transportation.

The couple said the U.S. State Department could not help and they reached out to congressional representatives, particularly U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin and John Shakowski, a member of the US House of Representatives, are desperately waiting for a helping hand.

The staff has left the city, what will happen if the career also leaves …

International, on the other hand Employees of the Ukraine-based surrogacy agency have fled the city. If the fighting intensifies, Nunez and Specter say time is running out against them and they don’t know what to do.

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Under normal circumstances, according to the protocol set by surrogacy organization Adonis Fertility International, the surrogate mother is prohibited from communicating with the parents and establishing bonds with the children. However, due to the state of emergency, the current protocol has been exceeded. Surrogate mother Katya, whose title has not been shared due to confidentiality, is the only point of contact with the children of the American family.

Irma Nunez, on the other hand, has a different concern. Nunez, “Katia has given birth to our children, but she is not responsible for them. What if she decides to stay with her family and leave town to save herself? That’s why we need to find someone who can take care of the kids as soon as possible.Said

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The couple received offers of support from some people in Poland and Ukraine who could find out about their desperate situation. Some offer a room for accommodation or travel assistance. However, these assistance offers are unfortunately inadequate, as special medical transport is required to transport the twins from Kyiv to another city or to Poland.

Twins in the hospital basement

Babies born on February 25 were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit because they were premature. As soon as the fighting started, the twins and Katia had to go down to the basement of the building along with other neonatal and medical staff of the hospital.

For a brief moment, the parents were able to see their baby and the tragic condition in the basement of a Kiev hospital. Katia was in a hospital gown, and the twins were in a temporary neonatal care unit. Specter describes those moments as “like a scene from a horror movie.”

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Irma Nunez has started a fundraising campaign to move her twin children from Kyiv to safer areas. Nunez’s friend Martha Bain, who helped raise funds, said she was surprised at how calm the new parents were.

“It simply came to our notice then. But being able to stay calm is incredibly rewarding for parents. Irma keeps sending me videos of surrogate mothers. He said it was the children’s video that made them stronger and pushed them to continue.

A long and difficult road for parents

The fatigue of days spent in fear of the Ukraine war is just part of the long and difficult road of Specter and Nunez’s fatherhood.

I had a really painful experience trying to have a baby in the past. Grief was so hard to handle“We didn’t want to share it with anyone until we felt safe that we decided to choose a surrogate and have twins,” said Irma Nunez.

The couple kept the news of their child a secret from their close friends until the twins were born. Until a premature birth and the outbreak of war forced them to say everything.

Specter explained how they broke the news: “When we learned of the premature birth, we said, ‘We want to share the great news with you; We just said, ‘We had twins and the kids were born in Kiev.’

‘We also stored baby clothes so it wouldn’t smell.’

Nunez was so frightened by a child-related problem that he admitted that he did not want to complete the nursery plan in their Chicago apartment. The couple decided to keep the baby clothes they bought in the storage unit until the twins returned home, so as not to be unlucky.

“We thought we wouldn’t need these items for another two months,” Nunez said. “Somehow, the babies were still born and we wanted to wait until they were born.”

For many couples who want to have a surrogate and do not want to give birth to a child, Ukraine is an attractive option due to the relatively easy affordability. Surrogacy in the United States can cost up to $ 100,000, while surrogacy in Ukraine can usually be done for less than half the time.

His father was born in Kiev

For Nunez and Specter, Ukraine had a spiritual meaning rather than being more materially attractive; Specter was born in Kiev.

“We thought we wouldn’t have children of our own,” Specter said. Then this option appeared. There is something symbolic about the birth of my children where I was born.“She says.

‘Katya’s body starts attacking children’

Even before Russian forces began bombing eastern Ukraine, the twins’ journey to Earth was difficult. During the first half of pregnancy, blood incompatibility occurs between surrogate mother Katya and her twin child. Katia’s blood is RH negative and her twin children are positive.

Doctors say the baby could be born at 27 weeks due to blood imbalances.

“Katya’s body has started attacking the children,” said Specter. We were losing our minds about what to do. Fortunately, two days later, we learned that things were going well. We then had another bad ultrasound result and fell into a logical nightmare. “

The birth took place outside of Kiev, however.

Katia was taken by ambulance to a clinic outside Kiev last week when she was about to give birth. In fact, when the war started, the twins and Katia would be far away from the capital.

However, ultrasound revealed a severe oxygen deficiency in the baby. Because of this unexpected development, doctors sent Katia back to Kiev, where hospital options were much better.

When Katia left for Kiev Hospital by ambulance, the 20-minute journey took three hours due to military vehicle traffic.

“Those three hours were very painful,” Specter said of their fears. We always thought we would lose our kids, “he said.

‘This is the Ukrainian hero!’

Babies survive the birth of the storm. Katia then took a video of her twins calling them “these Ukrainian heroes” and sent it to her parents.

The children were named after the couple Lenny and Moise.

The couple plans to move to Poland in the near future and then somehow give birth to their child. In the process, they watch videos of their sons, who are “heroes of Ukraine”, repeatedly.

Despite everything, Specter says they are still very happy and added:

Two souls were born. Their journey on this earth has been very difficult, and in the midst of all this devastation it seems incredibly optimistic to be born in a war zone that suddenly explodes.

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