Address of gifted children: BİLSEM

Painting, music or mental ability … Thousands of students with outstanding talents in any one of these fields are determined by the Science and Industry Center Examination (BİLSEM) at the elementary school age. Then, until his final year of high school, he received education in science and industry centers, which were allocated according to their ability.

There are 279 BİLSEMs across Turkey. A total of 6,365 students received education out of which 2,589 were primary school students, 43,954 were secondary school students and 10,642 were high school students.

Each year, thousands of students pass the B জন্যLSEM entrance exam. One of the questions that parents are most curious about is what kind of education the eligible BİLSEM students receive. What kind of work arrangements does BİLSEM have? How does it benefit students’ academic development? Levant Yajisi, the provincial director of national education in Istanbul, told TRT Haber about all the questions about BLSEM.

There are different applications than formal education.

Regarding BİLSEM’s policy, Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Levent Yazıcı defines BİLSEM as “a multifaceted approach to project-based development – entirely outside the academic curriculum – to ensure our students are aware of their special abilities and skills.” Without disturbing their education. “

The educational process of BİLSEM is conducted differently from formal educational institutions. Yazıcı described the training as follows:

“This study is based on three sections. First, it aims to improve the mental skills of our students in general and we can build it based on the development of their academic skills. The other forms the field of painting and music. However, each of our students has the opportunity to work in small groups considering their own field of development, individual learning and pace of development. ”

Talented children appear with BİLSEM

Noting that students are not subject to assessment and measurement when participating in BİLSEM, Yajisi said, “There is no concept of success or failure in the classroom. It aims to develop them further on a project basis. Indeed, our ministry includes these centers in intellectual property studies; In other words, he considered it a focal point in areas such as patents and utility models. Many of our students took part in it with their projects and core work. ”

Talented children appear with BİLSEM

Selection of students participating in the test

Not every student can take the BİLSEM test. Students participating in the test are selected with a filter. The printer selection process is described as follows:

“We have a referral commission in our school. The study was chaired by our school principal, our assistant principal, our school guide and psychological counselors, and classroom teachers. The Orientation Commission identifies our students as candidates, provided they are not more than 20 percent of the total students in their school. ”

Talented children appear with BİLSEM

Noting that BİLSEM is a special exercise for children to develop their own skills, Yajisi said, “I am concerned about the participation of our students in this study. Our parents must be interested in this. Each of our children is truly unique and each has its own unique differences and abilities.

Talented children appear with BİLSEM

17,000 students from Istanbul participate in BİLSEM

There are still 23 science and industry centers in Istanbul. About 18,000 students received education in these centers. One of the educational institutions is the Bahçelievler İTO Science and Industry Center.

A total of 1,287 students of all ages from 2nd class of primary school to final year of high school are educated at the center. Hussein Hilmi Akalin, director of the ITO Science and Industry Center at Bahselivlar, described the education they provide as follows:

“Here, our students receive at least 6 hours and 30 hours of support training a week after they leave school. This support training is carried out so that children can find their own field and be guided. Training is provided in various fields such as robotic painting, music, mind games, physics, chemistry and biology. They can come anytime on weekdays between 15.30 and 20.30. On weekends, we have groups on Saturdays. In fact, if we have a demand for Saturday groups, we open on Sundays as well. “

Talented children appear with BİLSEM

The student project is supported by TUBITAK

The content of the education given in BİLSEM is not well known by the parents. At this point, Aklin answers the most intriguing question:

“Our parents said, ‘Will this help with the university exams? Will it benefit LGS? He brings us offers like ‘He is weak in math, do some math’. However, the goal is to discover the child’s talent … then he gets trained in talent. The academic advantage here is the child’s self-development. Additional points are awarded to our students who have placed in various competitions, for example, our students who are in the top three in the TÜBİTAK competition. In general, BİLSEM has a say in the TÜBİTAK competition, so it is an academic advantage for our children. “

Talented children appear with BİLSEM

Children studying in BİLSEM achieve a lot of success. Akalin gives an example from his own branch:

“As the Bahelivlar Science and Art Center, the area where we are most successful is the Erasmus project. And we have 9 projects … We take approximately 130 students abroad every year. In addition to Erasmus, we are very good at TUBITAK projects. In TÜBİTAK 4004-5-6-7 projects, one of our projects is entitled to be supported by TÜBİTAK each year. ”

Students participating in BİLSEM are given a certificate by the Ministry of National Education at the end of each program. This certificate is valid not only in the country but also abroad.

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