Attention to those who behaved extra well at the beginning of the relationship! Danger of love bomb attack …

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While your partner’s fluent, expensive, and wild gestures may be called “romantic” in the early days of the relationship, it can be a sign of a narcissistic personality disorder.

The psychological and social effects of love bombings are studied, which are shown to be the most deceptive and dangerous kind of manipulation in today’s relationships. In particular, experts suggest that those who try to impress their partner with great gestures and expensive gifts may find that these behaviors may be a sign that they are trying to make the other person feel dependent on him or her and list the steps. Action will be taken against this emerging situation.

The bombing of love, which can also be seen as a prelude to a kind of obsessive relationship, begins quite innocently. First, the elaborate vacation plans, the endless longing to be together, expensive gifts, fancy restaurant dinners, and extra dimensions of romance can all be seen as signs of a love bombing.

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It all starts with nice warnings, expensive gifts and compliments

Professor of Psychology at New York City University. Chitra Raghavan said that the extreme trends that started in the name of romance turned into love bombardment and added: “This situation, which is usually done by men, is accompanied by symptoms such as extra attention, affection, praise, flattery and attempts to persuade the other person that they are ‘soul mates’.”

Dr. Raghavan further said that the person who bombards his partner with love presents himself as a candidate for a perfect and ideal relationship or creates an environment that will make him feel the need to deal with another person.

List of what needs to be done to prevent the bombing of love. Raghavan says similar aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships predominate in the situations he describes as complex aspects of the relationship. For example, he says that the tendency to “excess attention” can occur in both types of relationships, but it can also lead to the level of “obsession” in an unhealthy relationship.

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Works with domestic violence and the sex trade, said. Raghavan, “If someone shows interest in you and waits before you on the first date, it shows that they are interested in you and that is a good sign. But if he spends money to get your attention, know that you are consuming him. Used phrases.

The danger of a love bomb attack from those who are very good at the beginning of the relationship ...

‘You can limit your social life and communicate with a narcissist!’

Mentioning that the words that people hear they miss hearing from someone they have just met, they may have difficulty recognizing others, Dr. Raghavan, “Although words like ‘you are my soul mate’, ‘I haven’t seen anyone I feel so close to,’ on the first date may seem extremely tempting and romantic, they may be indicative of a hysterical personality disorder.” Says

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Also, in the early stages of the relationship warns partners to spend all their time together, Dr. Raghavan, He said that it is understandable for a partner to want to spend all their time together in the early stages of the relationship, but insisting that this should be repeated over and over again could indicate a very dangerous problem.

Dr. Raghavan said that behind such aspirations lies the urge to control his partner and his intention to limit his connection with life, and gave an important warning: “You may be dealing with a narcissist who is trying to limit your social life!”

Control social life, after a while can turn violent

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Working with narcissism in social and romantic relationships, Dr. Ohio State University Professor of Psychology in the United States. Amy Brunel He says research on the role played by “narcissism” in the causes of abuse among partners is limited, but so far research has found a link between the two.

Mentioning that people are controlled in social life relationships, when the situation is bad, they lose their social circle, they can not go anywhere. Brunel, “It is here that the seeds of violent violence are sown. Because eventually, the person will want to get rid of this stress, and at this point, everything will start to get difficult. Says

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The danger of a love bomb attack from those who are very good at the beginning of the relationship ...

The problem is covered with gifts

The most common thing seen in the bombing of love is the endless gift with the beginning of the relationship, said. Raghavan, “Even if their financial situation is bad, they tend to pretend to be rich.” Made a statement.

The main reason is the effort to establish superiority over those who have just met. Raghavan, “Extremely trying to get your partner off their feet is actually trying to dominate the other person.” Said and continued:

“His constant attention to his mate, his unreasonable compliments, his flattery, and his tempting gifts prevent you from seeing the problem. You do not realize that you are overwhelmed, and that is why you do not understand the dangers that are coming. “

Dr. Brunel, on the other hand, offers a different perspective on the evaluation of gifts that grow with the beginning of a relationship. Saying that the narcissists’ curiosity to give excessive gifts cannot reflect the effort to establish superiority over another person, Dr. Brunel says people who indulge in the gifts of their partners can use this method to satisfy their own ego.

‘Psychological support is the only cure for their relationship’

Paul Eastwick, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, says healthy people have priorities such as supporting romantic relationships and aiming for mutual desire and love. However, he says the most important aspect of a love bomb attack is trying to be the whole world of one person’s partner.

Dr. Raghavan said those who bombed in love lost their self-esteem and it took a long time to rebuild. Also, Dr. Raghavan added:

“You forget who you are because small details about life can guide you. These social patterns can affect everything from how you present yourself to what you wear,” he said. It may force you to consider it. “

The danger of a love bomb attack from those who are very good at the beginning of the relationship ...

Experts say that those who have problems with relationships and are guided by their partners may benefit from psychotherapy. He added that when establishing a relationship, these people need to focus on a new understanding, health, and issues that are important to them.

Dr. Raghavan, “Those who guide their partner in different directions need to acknowledge their tragic mistakes in the past and learn to look to the future in a positive way to overcome their problems.”Says

‘Love bombings’, which deeply affect the relationship and trigger serious problems in the future. evaluate Specialist Clinical Psychologist M. Bark Caraolu, He explained the issues that need to be considered in a relationship.

‘Emotions that can meet your spiritual needs can be your scheme’

Can you explain a little bit about the idea of ​​love bombings that we hear a lot lately?

In fact, just as everything in life should be moderate, it is equally important that love-sharing is balanced, but one person’s intense love, interest, and attitude towards another person, especially in the early stages of a relationship, can be interpreted as a kind of love bomb. .

Experts say that fluent and romantic gestures in the early days of a relationship may indicate that we are with a narcissist. But should we evaluate all our grandstands in this way? How do we know when we have been bombarded by love?

Of course, it’s normal to have interest and gestures at the beginning of a relationship, but you should have sudden questions about the person who put you in front of them. The head, and perhaps he will throw you from top to bottom when he realizes that you are not the person made in his head.

The danger of a love bomb attack from those who are very good at the beginning of the relationship ...

What should those who think they are bombarded with love do?

Emotions that electrify you, take you off your feet and satisfy your spiritual needs can be your schema. In other words, the chakras that first satisfy you but then hit the bottom when you can’t get that feeling. In this case, even if the other party behaves in this way, it may be healthy to continue your relationship by protecting your own boundaries without losing your awareness.

‘Purpose can satisfy their own feelings’

Do people who display this behavior do it consciously or is it an involuntary behavior? What can trigger this?

In fact, those who bombard love are mostly black and white people who make the other person look unreal in their minds, who think that they can completely close the gap with the person they are in love with, that is, if they don’t. Know their own dynamics; We can say that they inadvertently shape these behaviors.

At what age is love bombing most common? Whom does it affect the most?

We can say that people feel a sense of loss (death, financial bankruptcy, divorce, divorce, traumatic situation, etc.) or that those who are more rational and success-oriented in their lives than a certain age, in fact they work. In order to satisfy their own feelings, they intend to make a mental investment in the person they have chosen unconsciously. Such relationships or behaviors can be encountered at every time and in every situation of life. For this reason, it would make sense to use an expert to examine sensitive points of our personality, such as our schemes and improve our awareness.

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