Basak Genghis’s mother’s words to the judge were heartbreaking: Treat my daughter like your own child

Prisoner Kan Goktug Boz, 27, appeared before the judge for the first time, against whom a lawsuit was filed because he killed Basak Genghis, 28, whom he had never met with a samurai sword. I was walking on the streets of Atashehir in November last year.

Can Goktug Boz, the detained suspect, was brought to the Anatolian 4th High Criminal Court for a hearing. Basak Genghis’ mother Behan Genghis, his father Abani Genghis, his fianc Mahir Mizrak and many relatives of Basak Genghis were present at the hearing. Lawyers from both sides were also present at the time. The president of the court said that at the request of the defendant’s lawyer, a report was prepared by the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicine, stating that “the accused should not be in jail but he should be in jail.” Mental hospital ‘. Defendant’s lawyer demanded that the hearing be adjourned, but the court rejected it.

The mother of Basak Genghis, who was killed by a samurai sword, pleaded with the judge: Treat my daughter like your own child

“I’m sick of schizophrenia”

Detained defendant Kan Goktug Boz defended himself by saying, “I am a schizophrenic patient. The devil is constantly talking to me in my head. On the day of the crime, the devil told me, ‘Go out and kill people. If you do not commit the crime, I will kill you.’ The devil appeared in my head, I saw pictures and silhouettes. I had the disease before. Then I used medicine and bonsai. The doctor told me, ‘You can die. Brain cells have decreased.’ I have a very dangerous disease. I’m so sorry for that, I’m sorry. ” Says

Defendant Boz claims he bought the sword used in the incident 1 year ago and he did not discriminate on the basis of gender in the incident. When reminded by the court chief that he had many swords in his house, Bose said, “I kept buying swords until I got a good one.

“My family didn’t know I was sick.”

Defendant said, “After 15-20 minutes, I went out and committed a crime. The devil did not say anything after the incident.” The president of the court asked, “Has your family done anything about the limitations of their custody?” “My family didn’t know I was sick,” he said.

The mother of Basak Genghis, who was killed by a samurai sword, pleaded with the judge: Treat my daughter like your own child

“Satan says he will hide his illness”

The presiding judge recalled that the accused had given his statement to the police and the prosecution that he was upset, upset and wanted to kill a woman because he thought it was easy. The president said the defendant did not mention the devil in his first statement and asked about the conflict. Claiming he was being treated for forgetfulness, the accused said, “Satan told me to hide your disease because it exists.”

Defendant claims that the devil first appeared 4 months before the incident he claimed. When the president of the court asked, “Did the devil order the court to tell the truth, so you said so?”, The accused mentioned that he had not spoken to him in recent days.

He said, “Don’t come near, I will stab you too.”

Kan Aka, who was heard as a plaintiff, said he heard Basak call Genghis “help” on the day of the incident and when he wanted to intervene, the accused told him, “Don’t come near, I will.” Stab you too Ağca has filed charges against the accused.

“Look at Basak Genghis as your child”

Başak Cengiz’s mother, Beyhan Cengiz, said: “I demand the harshest punishment for someone who brutally takes the life of a stranger, just for fun. Başak Cengiz. Turkish women have a bleeding wound for her. You are the backbone of justice, justice is in your hands. Don’t feed an innocent person to a criminal. Don’t throw your blood on the ground, I beg you as a mother, “she said. As the court audience burst into tears, Basak Genghis’s father, Abni Genghis, demanded the harshest punishment for the accused.

The mother of Basak Genghis, who was killed by a samurai sword, pleaded with the judge: Treat my daughter like your own child

“He killed not only Bashak, but our future as well.”

Fatima Genghis, Basak Genghis Khan’s older brother, claimed that the defendant had memorized his defense and said, “I believe in justice. It is not enough for you to explain how good Basak Genghis is. Basak Genghis was an angel.” Turk demanded the harshest punishment for the accused and said, “We will not return to Basak, but justice will be done. I think this case is important to prevent other murders of women.” He said he had not seen the pictures and left the hall with tears in his eyes Returning to the hall after the footage, Mother Genghis said, “I know Turkey has a lot of conscience. I call for conscience. My child was punished when he was innocent and took his life. If he is. Sick, you want to treat him. Who will they sit in the chair? ”I pray that he will not give up. Even on the first day, I said with that pain, ‘I believe in Turkish justice,’ “he said.

Arrest conditions continue

Announcing his interim decision, the court decided to detain defendant Kan Goktug Boz. The hearing was adjourned to rectify the deficit.

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