Beto-TRT Spore commentary on Portugal-Turkey match

Beto made an assessment to the AA correspondent ahead of the Portugal-Turkey match at the Dragoa Stadium in Porto on Thursday, March 24, in the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup play-offs.

“I have big doubts about what Turkey will look like in this match.” Beto said that what he saw in the European and World Cup qualifiers was very different from what he had seen in the last European Championship.

The veteran Portuguese footballer said: “I have seen a Turkey play incredible football in the qualifying groups. At the European Championships, there was a different Turkey that was not well organized, had a weak offensive side. I do not know which Turkey will be. I know. “Turkey has a lot of good players and they are very competitive on the field.”

“In my opinion, Portugal is a favorite because it plays at home and currently has very fit players to play for the best team in world football. Of course it is a football match. The team that makes the least mistakes will go round.” Said the son. He said.

Beto, who played for the Portuguese national team in his career, said, “What will be the atmosphere in Portugal before such a match?” “There is a very good atmosphere here. The Portuguese fans are very loyal and very supportive of their team. Of course, there is something underlined here, which is the difference between the supporters of Turkey and Portugal. The people of Turkey are very passionate, very supportive.” He is rejoicing even more. There is an emotion that I have not seen anywhere. The lives of Turkish football fans are incredible. There will be a beautiful atmosphere in Porto, worthy of a football show. I hope it will be a great match. “

Aiming at Turkey’s victory over Portugal, Beto said: “Portugal is a team that gives the opponent very little chance. The opponent who tries to attack must end with a goal. Portugal is a defensive and strong team. The future, the game is a very strong team.” There is a highly creative forward line that can instantly change his destiny. It will be very difficult if Turkey does not take advantage of the opportunities, “he said.

“Is Portugal already considering the match against Italy,” Beto said. “No, no … I’m talking to some of my friends from the Portuguese national team because I know Turkish and Turkish national team players very well. Portugal must beat Turkey to play against Italy or Northern Macedonia.” The final cannot be imagined without the semifinals. The match in Turkey is also a semi-final, and you have to pay attention to it, respect the opponent and play the match that way. Only then can you play another match, “he replied.

“Trabjanspar will be the champion”

Playing at Göztepe for 3 seasons (2017-2020), Beto says he is looking forward to the Sport Toto Super League and believes that Trabzon will be a champion with qualifications.

The Portuguese footballer said: “The success of Trabzonspor is not surprising to me. When I was in Turkey they always had a project. I had friends who played in Trabzonspor. Sometimes it takes time. It may be delayed for 3-4 years, but I think Trabjanspar will be the champion this season. ” Made a statement.

Beto said he sees Itifaq Holding Koniaspor, who are second in the league, as the most attractive team of the season.

“Göztepe is in a very difficult situation.”

Fighting to stay in the league for his old team Gazette, “I look at it unhappily because it is in a very difficult situation.” Beto said he would continue to say:

“Göztepe is in a very difficult situation and it is not easy to stay in the league. I think the team lacks leadership. The team needs an inspiration. The league is almost over. However, I believe that there is a complete Unity. If provided, Gazette could get out of this situation. “

“The real reason for leaving Gazette was the Sporting Director.” In a statement, Beto said, “He didn’t want me to continue and it’s over. I can’t force anyone to stay. I always said I’d be happy to stay. I’ve been at Gazette for 3 years now and I have a club, staff and Very good communication with fans. Even today, many Gazette tape fans are texting me. “I have a lot of love for Gazettepe. But there are some things that a football player can’t decide. “

Explaining that Izmir’s representative had left many marks on him, Beto said, “I still meet some football players and club staff. They are very nice and humble people. Fans, the city, Izmir’s restaurant … I carry all this in my heart. Keep up the good work. ” He said.

During the interview, Beto said in Turkish, “Göztepe fans, thank you very much. I miss you so much.” Says

Helsinki new experience, new culture

Speaking to HIF Finland’s HIF about his choice for the Helsinki team, with which he recently signed a one-season contract, Beto said, “It’s a very different place. It’s very, very, very cold. It’s a different culture. I’m a person who is new. Likes to feel the experience and get acquainted with the new culture. I think it should be more visible and recognizable. I said and I came. I’m happy with the experience. ” Made a statement.

On May 1, 40-year-old Beto said of his career plans, “I don’t know where I will be next year, but I will definitely be on a project that will inspire me. I will be in football, but I don’t think coaching is for me.” In terms of personal character, he has everything for coaching. I don’t know exactly what kind of dialogue I have with the players. ” Used phrases.

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