Biden warns: Putin’s new goal in war is clear!

Since Russia declared war on Ukraine, questions have been raised around the world about Putin’s real and ultimate goal and how he will take the next step in his war plan. According to US experts, Putin’s new target could be a massive cyber attack against the United States … Here are some surprising details.

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According to US President Biden, who has been making statements about Russia and President Putin since the first days of the war and announcing the sanctions package, this is the latest in a string of cyber attacks. U.S. intelligence agencies believe that Putin’s new and next target is an extremely powerful attack on the United States and its institutions.

It was an expected development that Russia sought to respond to in return for US support for Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on them. Now it seems a little clear what this reaction will be.

New front in war: Cyber ​​front

Putin, who is expected to open a ‘cyber’ front in the war, will send his intelligence agency or state-linked cybercrime gang to the United States; It is not unreasonable to try to point to the most important institutional structure in the country. Nuclear threats and missile attacks on Ukrainian civilians are expected to turn into cyber-attacks in the United States.

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But the question here is whether the Russian leader could carry out a full-blown cyber-conflict with Washington that could violate Russia’s arsenal and deal a quick devastating blow to Russia’s critical infrastructure. Because the Kremlin is capable of doing this (cyber attack), the United States is equally equipped.

Biden first warned in a written statement yesterday that it was time for the private sector, which owns most of the country’s critical cyber infrastructure and does not always heed government warnings, to immediately tighten its online defenses.

The whole world is beginning to recognize Russia’s cyber attack

Biden’s next words were even more frightening:

“The scope of Russia’s cyber power is fascinating. And they are coming,” Biden said. “He hasn’t used them yet, but it’s part of his playbook.”

Ann Newberger, the White House deputy for cyber technology and national security adviser, announced that cyber movements could be called “aggressive” by Russia, and briefed both the private sector and state institutions. Although the White House has warned since the beginning of the war, no specific attack has been confirmed.

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Why does Putin want to invade the United States?

In the event of a potential cyber war, the state’s intelligence units are extremely sensitive and difficult to name a real threat. However, it is speculated that Biden’s last statement was intended to send a message to Russia, as the threat draws to a close.

There are reasons why Putin wants to target the United States and hurt the American people.

Unprecedented levels of sanctions have had a devastating effect on the Russian economy. As long as these sanctions remain in effect, the hardships of ordinary Russian citizens will increase. Moreover, the Russian banking system became isolated from the rest of the world and Russia was declared impersonal.

Biden warns: Putin's new goal in the war is clear

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On the other hand, Putin’s forces did not perform as well as expected in Kiev. For example, it is not unreasonable for Putin to abandon his military goals and threaten the world with other Trump cards. Besides; Putin does not deny that he has been fighting the West for years. Russian intelligence intervention in 2016 and 2020 elections has already been proven …

It seems likely that the Russian leader will seek revenge for Western weapons sent to Ukraine.

Biden warns: Putin's new goal in the war is clear

Chad Wolf, a senior Interior Ministry official investigating the Solarwinds attack, was on his way to meet with then-President Trump.

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Old tactics with cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks are a traditional Russian strategy.

Russian intelligence services have been blamed for the ‘Solarwinds’ attack, which infiltrated thousands of organizations around the world, including multiple departments of the US federal government, leading to multiple data breaches in 2020. A Russian hacker group called ‘Dark Side’ has been blamed for a cyber attack on a US colonial pipeline last year.

At a meeting in Geneva last year, Biden told Putin that some important state structures should be exempted from cyber-attacks and that a list of 16 items should be presented. Most fuel and water companies were on the list.

Biden warns: Putin's new goal in the war is clear

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Russia now has the capability to attack submarine cable lines and industrial control systems, according to a joint US intelligence report on the annual threat assessment. This could give Russia a chance to dominate at a critical time like the current war.

Putin has lost all credibility at home and abroad since the civil war that resulted from the war he declared. The Russian leader, who has never acknowledged the possibility of losing the war, may be planning cyber-attacks to strengthen his hand, as well as nuclear and biological strikes.

The United States seeks compensation for wrongdoing

The fact that US intelligence sought to blame the Iraq war and its failure on 9/11 may explain the seriousness of these cyberattacks. Moreover, the United States against the ruling class in Russia; There is also a special interest from the days of the Cold War.

Putin, a former KGB agent, should not be overlooked in his psychological warfare experience. However, Putin is also very sensitive about US agents who could go beyond their espionage capabilities and infiltrate Russian intelligence.

According to reports from the region, Russian hackers have so far carried out small-scale attacks on Ukraine’s banking system, energy infrastructure and transport network.

Biden warns: Putin's new goal in the war is clear

Experts regularly assess the risk of cyber attacks

Serious warning from Biden

Some experts believe that Putin will not be able to launch a large-scale cyber war against the United States; They believe their country knows they are lagging behind the United States.

On the other hand, Biden made it clear that big and small businesses in the United States, which face numerous cyber attacks every day, should consider and prepare for the Russian threat:

“You have the power, the authority and the responsibility to strengthen the cyber security and resilience of the important services and technologies that Americans believe in.” And you have to achieve that. “

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