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With the arrival of Abdullah Avcı, Trabzonspor began to properly express his ‘football mind’. The most important indicator that the players transferred to the first camp this season, as well as the transfer to the first camp this season, and the players who joined the team at half time this season, is that Trabjanspar is managed with a ‘football mind’. Trabzonspor has evolved from ‘No Transfer Engineering’ to ‘Transfer Engineering’, leading the team to the championship today. It doesn’t matter who is in the team or who is new in the team. All of them are inside the wheels of a system and work properly. The previous day’s meeting in Istanbul, chaired by President Ahmet Agaulu, Vice President Ertugarul Dogan, and Technical Director Abdullah Avasi, was simply a testament to the fact that these facts would continue. Those who saw the picture had a déjà vu. Because the same picture was given last year. Trabjanspar is playing in the championship this season after that picture of last year. The photo also summarizes: “I will continue to dominate this league, even if I plan to succeed in Europe.” So what happened at that summit?

Transfer from Europe to infrastructure

Trabzonspor’s infrastructure has not been able to produce in recent years. Of course, there are many reasons for this. But the reason is not only valid for Trabzonspor. The problem with many clubs in Turkey is that they can’t build infrastructure. The most fundamental deficit is the lack of investment for both coaches, facilities and players. Trabzonspor has invested heavily in infrastructure and named it ‘Infrastructure Philosopher’ Özkan Sümer Football Academy! Then the time came to go to a production academy worthy of his name and Abdullah Avici wanted to change the whole system. He submitted a report in this regard. Most likely, experts and experienced names in infrastructure will be recruited from Europe and Turkey.

Pilot planning in Germany

Trabzonspor adopted the idea of ​​establishing a pilot team. Either in Turkey or Germany. In the past, the Burgundy-Niles had a pilot team. But even there the well-known force has put an end to the problem. Ultimately, if the pilot team is set up properly, it will enable young players to gain experience as well as physical, sport and position knowledge. Some of the players who have come to Trabzonspore from the infrastructure do not even know where to stand on the field. Do not understand where to escape! It’s not really their fault. Where they come from, either they are not taught enough or the players do not learn. But was sent as ‘ready’ to ‘A’ team! How sad is that? When Trabzonspor adapts its infrastructural model to the requirements of modern football, players will be able to improve themselves by playing in a pilot team, even if they are not in A team.

UĞurcan go or stay?

Uğurcan akır is the most important point of Trabzonspor! Will he go or stay? When he leaves, will the next name be local or foreign? If not, will there be any improvement in the ribbon? The decision is entirely Uğurcan’s! He also gave this message a few matches ago. Uğurcan is between departure and stay. If there is a testimonial offer of more than 20 million euros, it would be economically wrong to keep Uğurcan. If he does not come, Uğurcan’s fees will be increased. It’s not fair to play the goalkeeper, who keeps Trabjanspar in the game almost every match, who has improved incredibly well this year and who is now in the pass game, 9 million TL per year! Well, you go! The most important turning point here! Goalkeeper will be foreign or domestic? Next year, according to the rules of 4 locals, local conditions for the fort will be made compulsory. If not necessarily foreign!

Bacacetas and the decision for life …

Densville has made a great contribution to the team in the match he has played. Although he is a left defender, he has played more than 50 matches in his position. However, he played his role in both left-back and right-back. Trabzonspor management is in favor of signing a contract with Densville. They can sit at the table at the end of the season. Travajansporera ‘brain’ player Nawakaime! But words are not enough to describe him. His game is a dynamo of Trabjanspar with intelligence, creativity, passes and goals. Nawakaime was probably also at the table. Can Beşiktaş be signed before the match? We’ll wait and see! Despite an injury at the start of the season, Bacacetas, who was in the game and handled critical matches for Trabzonspor, said he wanted to go and that Abdul Qadir Omar dreamed of playing in Europe. Bids for two players will be considered. The management of Trabzonspor also took the opinion of Abdullah Avisi that he wanted the players to be in the team. In next year’s plan, Hunter actually aims to protect the ‘backbone of the team’ by telling Janini, Cornelius and Dorukhan to stay. As a result, the table at which President Agaolu, Vice-President Dogan and Abdullah Awsi sat reminds us of the proverb, “Early risers go ahead.”

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